Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 94

“I will go now,” he said as​ he snapped to​ attention. “Much to​ be done. Duty calls and all that. it​ was wonderful seeing you again, Gideon. And Marla, I still wish to​ take you away and make you my princess. Are you sure you ... ?”

Marla interrupted,“Not this time, Kamal. But keep trying; I like it.”

“I bid you good evening, John,” he said. Then he looked at​ Pandayji and continued, “It was good to​ see you, Pandayji. Let us get together in​ Trivandrum soon. There is​ a​ quaint tavern across from the main market. I’ll meet you there.”

He bowed to​ Marla, took her hand, kissed it​ gently, turned to​ Gideon, saluted and with a​ flourish, walked straight out with his companions following close behind.It took a​ few seconds for all that had just happened to​ sink in. I looked around and saw the few remaining patrons of​ the restaurant sitting quietly, enjoying their meals as​ if​ nothing had happened.I glanced at​ Pandayji who sat smiling, as​ if​ such occurrences were commonplace. I looked at​ Gideon and asked,“What’s the meaning of​ all that?”

“Meaning? How you love to​ analyze. Does everything have to​ have an​ obvious meaning?” he countered.

“Well, yes,” I replied, “I think so.”

“Sometimes meanings are not apparent for along time,” he said. “Of course, it’s the tendency of​ some people to​ try to​ read all sorts of​ interpretations into every event. There are times, my dear John, when it’s best to​ enjoy or​ endure an​ event for its own sake. a​ friend of​ mine, Sigmund, once had a​ discussion with Marla and me about just such an​ occurrence. The conclusion was, sometimes a​ cigar is​ just a​ cigar.”

“So all this brouhaha was just for nothing? Just a​ lot of​ smoke and no fire?”

“No,” he replied emphatically, “it was not a​ lot of​ noise, not without substance. He was an​ old, loyal friend just visiting in​ his own way. That, in​ itself, was very touching. Do you have to​ totally analyze everything you do, John? When you eat an​ apple, do you weigh it,check its color and the texture of​ its skin? Do you have it​ sent to​ a​ lab for an​ analysis of​ nutrients? Sometimes an​ apple is​ just an​ apple. Enjoy it. Kamal and I go way back. He always had an​ eye for Marla and she could play the flirt, too, when she felt like it. But he’s been doing a​ wonderful work. Many have been helped and given a​ new lease on life because the Terror of​ Trivandrum intervened. Don’t judge him by the way he looks or​ how he speaks. People tend to​ judge by appearances. Learn, as​ Jesus said, to​ judge not by appearances.”

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