Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 51

She quickly shot back, “Do you think of​ Kimberly every once in​ a​ while? And do you wonder what it​ would have been like if​ the two of​ you had decided to​ pursue a​ relationship?”

“Yes,I do. But those thoughts don’t occupy every waking moment. Now and then I’ll close my eyes and see her on that beach. Sometimes the vision is​ so strong and clear that I can almost sense her in​ my arms and feel her lips against mine. There was that electric spark from the moment we met. I guess it​ happens all the time.” I looked at​ my watch and saw that the time for leaving had arrived.

“When we examine others’ choices, we sometimes see a​ reflection of​ our own,” she said as​ she started to​ get up. “Time to​ be on our way.”

“It’s been a​ great weekend, Marla,” I replied, and as​ I stood up, she lifted her arms for me to​ help her up. I took them and slowly pulled her into my arms. it​ was almost dark and flashing before me was the picture of​ Kimberly. I held Marla close and ran my fingers through her hair. She smiled and suddenly, without even meaning to, I gently drew her face to​ mine and kissed her softly on the lips. Her lips parted and for a​ lingering moment, we stood there, enveloped in​ a​ blinding flash of​ joy.

“There!” she said as​ she slowly drew away,“that was fantastic. Where did you learn to​ do that?”

I knew that she wasn’t upset by what happened. in​ fact, I felt she knew it​ would. “Didn’t really mean to, Marla,” I said, “I just got carried away.”

“Don’t be silly, John. That was marvelous. Right time, right place, right feelings. a​ time and place for everything, you know.” She hesitated a​ second then added, “You seem somewhat upset. I thought you enjoyed it, too? What’s the matter?”

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