Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 89

Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 89

“But why did it​ take such a​ long time for me to​ work out the financial problems, Gideon? Why is​ it​ that only now they seem to​ be coming to​ an​ end? I understand all that you’ve said, or​ maybe, most of​ it. I don’t think I have much guilt about anything. Sometimes,there’s a​ bit of​ fear, but as​ you said,hope drives it​ away. I love my work and I love to​ share my gifts. I give as​ much and as​ often as​ I can. And often during the day, I stop what I’m doing and take a​ minute to​ be thankful for all the blessings in​ my life. Where did I go wrong? Am I so blind? I feel I’ve been doing all the right things.”

He smiled and softly said,“Sometimes you may do everything right and things still do not turn out the way you thought they should. That’s called life. it​ only means that you don’t have all the data. if​ you could only see what’s happening in​ the invisible world, you’d understand that all is​ well and that all things are working together for good. When you plant a​ seed, it​ takes a​ little time to​ grow. Remember? Bean seeds grow quickly. Redwoods takemuchlonger.Don’t judge yourself too harshly.You’ve done quite well, actually. Don’t give up now.”

A loud crash followed by the sound of​ shattering glass interrupted the peaceful conversation.I quickly glanced at​ Gideon, turning my head to​ see what was happening. The sight that greeted me froze my blood for a​ split second. Rushing toward our table were three of​ the most fearsome men I’ve ever seen. I was about to​ run for cover when Gideon motioned me to​ remain seated. Marla shot a​ startled look at​ Gideon and exclaimed, “It’s the Terror of​ Trivandrum!” Pandayji and I sat frozen in​ fear, glaring in​ disbelief at​ approaching disaster.

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