Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 62

And so, my mind ran from one topic to​ another as​ I packed for an​ upcoming trip. My work sometimes takes me overseas,to different cultures, peoples and places. This time, business was taking me to​ the land of​ my ancestors,a land of​ contradictions, the mysterious subcontinent of​ India. it​ would not be my first visit to​ that country. I’d been there before, as​ both my children were adopted in​ India — Malika first, followed by Jonathan a​ few years later.

I had the opportunity, in​ my earlier visits, to​ experience the extremes and subtleties of​ this paradox known as​ India. Opulence and wealth existed side by side with poverty and decadence. Medieval villages, where life remained unchanged for centuries, contrasted sharply with modern, urban metropolises. Holymen dressed in​ long,flowing robes shared the crowded streets with executives in​ double- breasted suits or​ brightly colored saris. it​ was not strange to​ see a​ Rolls Royce jostling with a​ Brahma Bull for right of​ way through a​ crowded intersection. From the hustle and bustle of​ Bombay to​ the quiet waters of​ the Jammuna, one traversed not only time and space, but the very nature of​ reality. Perhaps, like everywhere, yet, nowhere else on Earth, one can find the best and the worst in​ India.

It would not be an​ extended trip, just a​ matter of​ a​ week, then back again. in​ a​ seemingly unending pattern there were pressing matters at​ home — matters like upcoming deadlines, urgent household repairs and ongoing financial crises to​ be dealt with, but they would have to​ wait until my return. I was hoping to​ see Gideon and Marla before I left, but it​ was not to​ be. Much as​ I valued their friendship and missed them when they’re away, I sometimes feel that they’re just a​ figment of​ my imagination and do not exist at​ all. But then again, how could I ever doubt the times of​ my knowing, the times when Gideon and Marla had shed so much light onto what seemed like hopeless, burdensome situations. No, these two have seen me through some of​ the worst periods of​ my life. I’m sure I’ll be seeing them when I get back.

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