Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 30

Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 30

Gideon’s comment made me realize we all need to​ be reminded every once in​ a​ while that this is​ a​ just and orderly universe. We are safe in​ it​ and any appearances to​ the contrary are just that — appearances. It’s the way we interpret what we observe that decides how we’ll meet the situation.

“So you’re reflecting on this, eh?”

“Tell me glorious, mysterious secrets of​ life, Gideon,not simple stuff about friendship and medals.”

“Mysterious secrets?” He had a​ look of​ mock horror on his face as​ he continued, “You don’t listen, John. I told you before, there is​ only one secret in​ the universe and it’s extremely simple. The secret is​ not in​ the Ambrose Stone. It’s not in​ the mountains, not in​ the skies or​ oceans. It’s right within you, Johnny Boy. Yes sir! Right within you.”

“O.K., O.K. So now I know where it​ is. Now tell me, wise guy, what is​ it? What’s this great secret?”

“That’s part of​ it. I can’t tell you. Everyone has to​ discover it​ for himself, or​ else it​ just doesn’t work.”

“A just universe you say, Gideon? And yet no one to​ help you when you’re running blind or​ lost? The good seem to​ suffer and the bad prosper. Damn it, Gideon, where the hell is​ justice?”

“Ha, got you going there,” he said, seeming pleased that I had lost control and raised my voice.

I ignored his remark as​ he continued, “I’m delighted you don’t seem to​ be ‘above it​ all’ any more. You can show some emotions and that’s good. Emotions are the colors that bring variety to​ the picture of​ life. Don’t control them. Manage them.”

“Still doesn’t seem right, Gideon,”I remarked and just listened to​ what he had to​ say.

“In a​ way, it’s not your problem, John. All your friends were given an​ opportunity to​ help and, thus, a​ great opportunity for growth. Those who could most afford to​ help you, passed up a​ wonderful chance for the growth of​ their souls. Those who could least afford, but helped anyway, gained so much in​ the simple act of​ stretching out a​ helping hand.

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