Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 4

Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 4

Clouds hold a​ special attraction for me, especially when I’m flying above and can enjoy them from this unique perspective. They seem so angelic, so pure, so easily shaped into sculptures of​ the imagination wherein one can read all sorts of​ strangetales. I watched the Volkswagen beetle cloud as​ it​ began shifting its form into wispy little alphabet letters. at​ first, vapory patches seemed to​ break away and almost disappear before my eyes. This strange cloud seemed to​ have a​ will of​ its own, changing shape again. How amusing! it​ may have been the angle or​ a​ trick of​ the light. Parts seemed to​ be forming the letters . . . G...D ... N. Then they vanished, changing forms like some animated caricatures in​ the process.

It is​ fascinating how the analytical computer of​ the mind connects random thoughts and pictures to​ other thoughts and experiences of​ the past. The letters GDN following the Volkswagen cloud brought to​ mind a​ half-forgotten incident of​ long ago where I had seen the name GIDEON on the license plate of​ a​ Volkswagen.

Mind accessed memory banks and connected the dots as​ I recalled the adventures a​ mysterious friend of​ mine named Gideon shared. His friend Marla was no less mystical than he was and under their tutoring and guidance,I had learned much about the higher perspectives of​ the confusing experience we call life. So strange and mysterious were their appearance and behavior that at​ times, I didn’t even believe that they really existed! Yet, I have with me, to​ this day, the books1 in​ which our earlier adventures were chronicled.

As we moved through time into evening and through space toward the east coast of​ North America,I recalled how I first met them and what remarkable personalities they were. Through the tough times of​ the past, from the loss of​ all my material possessions through the death of​ my wife, Mardai, and from a​ condition of​ utter despair to​ a​ situation full of​ promise, Gideon and Marla would appear in​ an​ almost magical fashion to​ administer a​ sorely needed dose of​ hope and spiritual vision, then, just as​ magically, disappear. They were truly angelic beings come to​ earth.

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