Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 83

Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 83

“It is​ the belief in​ the power of​ the Stone that creates the magic,” said Gideon.“The power of​ belief is​ one of​ the most powerful potions available. The stone or​ any other talisman is​ just a​ focal point for your beliefs. Believe that you inhabit a​ magical world and the world is​ full of​ magic. On the other hand, believe that you live in​ an​ evil empire and everything will work together to​ prove you right.” He ceremoniously passed the pouch back to​ me.

“It’s a​ wonderful momento, John,” said Marla. “Perhaps you should keep it​ in​ a​ conspicuous place on your desk to​ remind you of​ its meaning. Discover the power that is​ already within you and you’ll never need the Ambrose Stone to​ validate who you are.”

I was sad. Here I was surrounded by wonderful friends, but feeling dejected because of​ a​ stone — a​ piece of​ rock.

Gideon’s voice broke into my thoughts.He must have noticed my long face. “Your disappointment is​ due to​ your feeling that there is​ no magic in​ the rock, John. But it​ doesn’t mean that the rock was useless. it​ served and still serves as​ a​ concentrator of​ immense energy. For example, long ago in​ England, I saw King Richard Coeur de Lion use it​ to​ regain his crown. With the belief in​ the power of​ the Ambrose, the hordes of​ Genghis Khan were able to​ march across the face of​ most of​ the civilized world. The ancient Egyptians built great pyramids with its help. Gandhi used it​ to​ bring freedom to​ his country. All of​ them knew that the power was within themselves, but it​ expressed itself through the instrument of​ the Ambrose Stone.”

“Perhaps, this is​ like that greatest secret you’re always going to​ tell me about. Lots of​ noise and no substance.” I was on a​ roll and didn’t hold back. “Here,” I continued, “we have Pandayji with us. He’s been so excited at​ the prospect of​ meeting the two of​ you that he could hardly wait. Yet, we sit here talking about some silly stone.” I continued as​ they sat, patiently enduring my self-pitying monologue. I spoke of​ the long, hard journey toward success, about ridiculous dreams of​ birds reading books, how we put our trust in​ the wrong things and how, even after doing everything in​ our power and doing them right at​ that, the result still may not turn out as​ we expected. I gloried in​ self-pity — how financial problems had made it​ so difficult to​ achieve success or​ to​ enjoy anything, how it​ has been so long and, yet, no major changes.

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