Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 15

Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 15

“Well,” I asked, “what are you doing in​ this neck of​ the woods? I know you just didn’t happen to​ be passing by? You must have something specific in​ mind — that’s why you’re here.”

“He seems to​ know us only too well, Marla,” Gideon said with a​ wink. “But then again, John, we don’t always need a​ reason to​ see you.Friends, no matter where they are, love to​ get together just for the fun and enjoyment of​ each other’s company. You’re a​ dear friend of​ ours and we love your company.”

“If you love my company so much, how come I haven’t seen either of​ you in​ years, except for last week, of​ course?” There was a​ noticeable edge of​ sarcasm in​ my voice.

Marla responded, “It’s like this, John. Both Gideon and I were temporarily called away on another assignment.There were others who remained to​ assist you when needed, but we had to​ leave for a​ while. We did keep up on the reports about you and learned that you’d managed to​ come through some very difficult times. However,weknewyou’dalwayscomethroughanydifficulty.” “I always assumed you knew about my situation. And of​ course, the moment I finished struggling with one problem, there were bigger and more difficult ones to​ deal with.” I looked from one to​ the other waiting for a​ reply.

“That’s how life is, John,” Marla said. “You finish one grade and then you pass on to​ another. You learn to​ count from one to​ a​ hundred, then from a​ hundred to​ any number. Then they teach you the multiplication tables followed by simple but basic principles of​ mathematics. Later come algebra, geometry, calculus and others. You could quit school if​ you wanted to, but you’d still have to​ go into something else. Anyway, why are we spending this gorgeous afternoon discussing such things? Tell him what we had in​ mind, Gideon.”

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