Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 75

The sound of​ the phone awakened me from what must have been a​ very deep sleep. I reached over and grabbed the handset only to​ find that it​ was my wake-up call,heralding me to​ face a​ new day. The last thing I remembered before falling asleep last night was being in​ a​ green meadow with Mardai, the children, Pandayji, Gideon and Marla. How real it​ seemed then, but now, with daylight streaming through the windows, my rational mind rebelled. it​ continuously repeated that a​ dream is​ a​ dream is​ a​ dream and stories told in​ the night had no relevance to​ my waking hours.

As I sat on the edge of​ the bed pondering, a​ part of​ me knew better and reflected on the events of​ last night. in​ an​ instant I remembered everything — the meadow, the moonlight, the visit with Mardai — all vividly rushed back with such force that I could hardly sit still.I must see Pandayji and hear his version of​ what happened. Gideon and Marla also had some explaining to​ do.

His flexible schedule allowed Pandayji to​ be able to​ spend a​ great deal of​ time with me in​ Bombay and even to​ travel with me to​ other parts of​ India, if​ necessary. I’ve always been amazed at​ his wide range of​ friends. From princes to​ peasants, from intellectuals to​ illiterates, Pandayji was loved and respected by many people. Not even the Holy Ones of​ the Himalayas nor the high and the mighty of​ Hyderabad could refuse him. He was both a​ loyal and influential friend and I was, indeed, fortunate to​ have him share his time with me.

In about half an​ hour we were scheduled to​ meet at​ the Samarkand Café, a​ part of​ the hotel complex. I glanced at​ the clock on the nightstand and knew I had to​ rush. Refreshed by a​ quick shower, it​ wasn’t long before I found myself striding through the lobby, approaching the doors of​ the Samarkand. at​ this early hour it​ was relatively uncrowded. I spotted him at​ a​ table in​ the far corner. He saw me coming, smiled and said, “Good morning, John,I trust that you slept well last night.Those long flights could be so tiring, especially crossing so many time zones.”

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