Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 50

Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 50

“If you’re referring to​ their physical qualities, John, that wasn’t the reason. Physical attributes change. a​ beauty today may not be a​ beauty tomorrow. There is​ something much more important than physical characteristics. It’s something of​ the spirit. Coming from deep within, its expression overshadows everything else. It’s an​ attraction of​ the soul, that invisible part of​ you that has always been and always will be. That’s how it​ was with Peter, the stock- broker and Carlos, the minstrel. Their spirits radiated light to​ such an​ extent that I was drawn to​ the beauty of​ their souls.” Marla became quite still for a​ few moments as​ we sat there, side by side, looking out to​ sea.

To break the silence, I said,“I see. You bring into your experience, those who are similar to​ you. Then there is​ the matter of​ choices. There was nothing wrong with your wanting to​ be with them. Then why then did you give it​ all up?”

She leaned toward me and answered in​ a​ voice so soft that it​ was almost a​ whisper. “It was a​ situation of​ . . . let’s see . . . ‘Ships passing in​ the night.’ Somewhat similar to​ you and Kimberly. I should have known that it​ was time to​ move on. For some of​ us there is​ one relationship that lasts an​ eternity. For others, relationships may last for only a​ short while. Each makes a​ choice. Each chooses his or​ her own destiny. I had to​ go on. I had work to​ do and worlds to​ see.”

“I guess it’s like everything else,” I said. “Too focused and too much of​ a​ narrow view and you’re in​ trouble. Not focused at​ all, with desires running all over the place, you’re still in​ trouble. The old ‘moderation in​ all things,’ or​ the need for balance, right?”

“To a​ certain degree, yes,” she answered. “But there are other factors involved. as​ we learn the one secret of​ the universe we begin to​ find ourselves and, in​ doing so, we begin to​ understand, accept and live happier, more fulfilled lives.”

“Every once in​ a​ while though, don’t you think of​ Carlos or​ Peter? Don’t you miss them or​ wonder how your life would’ve been had you decided to​ stay with them?”

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Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 50

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