Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 37

Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 37

It wasn’t too long before we were riding in​ a​ colorful cab headed toward the hotel, about half an​ hour away. I was anxious to​ get to​ the beach and looking forward to​ enjoying the sun and the sea. Actually, most times at​ the beach, I prefer sitting under a​ large shady tree gazing forever at​ the horizon where the ocean meets the sky.

It is​ by the sea that I hear the whisper of​ the universe, the songs of​ the stars and the melodies in​ the wind. It’s always good to​ go down to​ the sea again; for me it’s akin to​ therapy. I glanced over at​ Marla who seemed to​ be relaxing with her eyes closed.Strange, I thought. We come from two totally different worlds — different perceptions, different emotions, different realities . . . or​ do we? Gideon and Marla had special license, far above the ordinary. Yet, at​ times, it​ seemed our worlds had much in​ common.

It was as​ if​ she heard my thoughts, for she opened her eyes and said, “Yes, we have a​ number of​ things in​ common with your world, but your world is​ my world too. in​ either world, yours or​ mine, there are very strong emotions and feelings. Can you imagine what a​ world would be like without emotions?”

I answered, “Perhaps less violence, more peace, less greed,more giving, less grief, more happiness. ...”

“And you don’t think some of​ those things are emotions?” she asked.

“Well, in​ a​ way, but aren’t some of​ them unhealthy emotions?”

“Healthy or​ unhealthy,” she replied,“emotions are emotions. The river of​ life runs between two banks. One is​ the bank of​ prosperity, happiness, peace, pleasure and all positive things. The other is​ the bank of​ sadness, poverty, depression,grief, pain, hurts and all negative things. The problem is​ not that one bumps into these banks during the common voyage of​ life, but that one gets run aground, getting stuck on one bank or​ the other. Life is​ an​ ever-flowing process, which can never stop. it​ is​ connected to​ the sea of​ tranquillity, the oceans of​ eternity and the skies of​ forever. it​ must keep flowing. a​ little time on either bank is​ fine. However, stagnation or​ habit patterns develop if​ you spend a​ lifetime stuck on one bank. Remember, John, we’re all on a​ journey in​ the Fields of

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