Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 16

Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 16

Gideon took another sip of​ coffee, leaned back in​ his chair and looked at​ me through half-closed eyes. “It’s been such a​ long time since we’ve done any fun things together. Marla and I have checked with others in​ the company and they’ve all agreed that we should take you along on one of​ our travels. Even the Chief thought it’d be a​ good idea.”

“A trip? Super! I’d really love that!” I said, bubbling with anticipation. Those who worked for him always referred to​ the President and Chairman of​ the Board of​ G & M Enterprises, the company Gideon and Marla worked for, as​ “Chief.” We had met a​ number of​ times in​ the past and I would love to​ visit with this amazing personality again.

“But tell me more,please,” I continued.“How is​ the Chief? Where will we go? When can we start? Will I be able to​ have a​ meeting with him? You know, like the ones I had years ago? Come, come, tell me!”

Both Marla and Gideon burst out laughing.“One thing at​ a​ time, John,” he said. “We’ll get to​ all your questions, but one at​ a​ time. First, the Chief sends his regards. Most times, he sends them directly to​ you, but he said something to​ the effect that often you mistake them for junk mail or​ are too busy to​ notice. And sure, we’ll go on a​ trip or​ two.”

“That sounds great! It’s been quite a​ while since I’ve been on a​ vacation. I’m anxious to​ get started. Tell me more! Will the children come too?”

“Notnowforthechildren,”saidMarla,“theyhaveother things to​ do. And in​ their own way, they are familiar with some of​ what we’ll be doing. Remember that we’re all connected by bonds that span eternity itself, so your children, we, and others of​ us are related in​ wonderful ways. Many of​ us know the same things and help the others to​ remember.”

“I remember the trips we took long ago. The learning experiences,the adventures. I can’t wait!”

“Our idea is​ to​ help you find,” said Gideon, “the great secret of​ life. There is​ only one secret of​ life. And it’s really not even a​ secret, since it’s been around for a​ long time. We’ll tell you where to​ find it​ and, perhaps, how to​ use it. It’s simpler than you think.”

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Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 16

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