Spirituality Information John Harricharans Interview With Yanik Silver Q5

Yanik Silver: And then the other thing that you mentioned about the giving and to​ me that comes back to​ the stealing of​ -- there is​ people who look at​ scarcity. There is​ scarcity minded people and then there is​ abundant minded people. And I am not saying that that every relationship in​ every dealing I have I am always trying to​ think abundantly. I tried to​ have that in​ the forefront of​ my mind. But I know some people when there are -- for instance I lost the friend of​ mine because I started putting on my own seminar.

He thought that he should be the only one that puts on seminars in​ this particular marketplace and which is​ crazy and everyone is​ out to​ get him. And it's because of​ his scarcity mindset and his business keeps slowing down and keeps getting smaller. And for me the abundance mindset is​ hopefully, that if​ I can give more-and-more as​ far as​ even the charitable contribution then I will get back more-and-more in​ return just from the natural law of​ money.

John Harricharan: it​ is​ a​ natural law. it​ is​ a​ law, which is​ very difficult one for us to​ accept. Infact I have told you about my old friend Foster Hibbard, who was an​ associate of​ Napoleon Hill.

Yanik Silver: Right.

John Harricharan: And he believed as​ so much in​ that and lived it​ in​ his life and proved it. And when we give, we get we cannot help ourselves. The universe is​ a​ giving universe. You give us seed if​ you've got. if​ you've got seed grain and you are starving or​ you know, that this is​ only seed you've got to​ make flower to​ do something with. And you're thinking, well I am going to​ eat a​ little today and a​ little tomorrow. if​ you take the seed grain and you give it​ away to​ the ground and you make sure it's watered properly. After a​ while you will have so much grain that you can make all the bread you want. And so you are naturally fulfilling the law of​ giving and receiving in​ every ancient text, it​ talks about it. But it's not in​ -- it's not an​ intuitive law because we feel that if​ we give we will have less.

Yanik Silver: Right.

John Harricharan: I have $10 and I give away 6. Well, then I only have 4 and only is​ a​ more deadly disease because its called, you know, we can all die of​ onlyness because we never can give -- out give the universe that’s the law. Now, my example is​ clear that there are friends of​ mine who said "John, you could be multi-multi millionaire within a​ few months if​ you want to" Why don’t you do that? And I say, I, yeah I would like to​ but I find what I am doing more interesting…

I would like to​ just make a​ few $100,000 a​ year, live comfortably and write some books and talk to​ people and maybe do nothing. I just want to​ have the choice to​ do nothing, if​ I want to. or​ maybe going in​ other trip or​ do just bloody, well, whatever I want to​ do compared to​ the early days. It's my choice how much is​ enough? I don't know, but take for example, this year we'll be doing a​ few things, which will create a​ little bit more affluence.

Do I want to​ make that a​ thousand times more? No, no. Am I not going to​ leave stuff for my kids, you know what? Let them earn their own. No, of​ course I will help them a​ little, but it's just like that, but you are fulfilling the need of​ all the people. You are giving and this friend that you lost, by feeling that he should be doing this. Now, if​ that happened, he wasn't a​ real friend in​ the first place. And this is​ not a​ competitive universe…

This is​ actually a​ co-operative universe, because if​ you put your minds together you have a​ mind that's larger, you know the mastermind principle. That's larger than the two combined actually Napoleon Hill told Foster Hibbard that if​ you put two together you don't have one and one plus two, you've got two times two times two, it​ cubes itself. So you have the force of​ about eight people and if​ you put three together it's like 27 and so it​ goes four people together have the force of​ about six to​ four.

So the mastermind principle works. So if​ a​ friend wanted to​ do what you are doing and you're joined together instead of​ having problems with doing it​ together, it​ will be better for everybody. It's what I call the Alice in​ Wonderland syndrome, which I love, it​ says All have won and so all must receive prices.
Spirituality Information John Harricharans Interview With Yanik Silver Q5 Spirituality Information John Harricharans Interview With Yanik Silver
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