Spirituality Information John Harricharans Interview With Yanik Silver Q4

Spirituality Information John Harricharans Interview With Yanik Silver

Yanik Silver: Well, let's go on a​ different track now. We've talked about all the different three areas. But let's talk about some place where I've spent a​ lot of​ time and where I know probably people that are listening to​ this want to​ talk about, and that's building wealth and creating abundance of​ money. What's our spiritual path to​ developing abundance of​ wealth?

John Harricharan: Actually I think it's not very different from being healthy and also from getting the best relationships. I think there are certain -- it's like three different meals, each one being great, but there might be a​ preference for one over the other ones. And I, who came from a​ family of​ 12 -- imagine that -- I'm the eldest son of​ 12 children.

Yanik Silver: I didn't know that.

John Harricharan: Oh yeah! And it​ was in​ a​ little farming and fishing village where it​ was really tough to​ make living. And I'm the first one who went to​ high school, who went to​ college, and one of​ the very few who left to​ get an​ education overseas. it​ was amazing how that went from a​ little village to​ today.

And it's no different with wealth, because in​ those days a​ penny was a​ lot of​ money; a​ quarter was a​ lot of​ money. And I imagine a​ lot of​ us could tell those stories. But it​ was a​ feeling that if​ I needed to​ do all the things, if​ I wanted to​ do all the things I need to​ do, there will be an​ influx of​ the ways to​ do it, the money to​ do it….

Now, many times I found that, yes, I could sit down and plan the greatest strategy on earth. And I've done that and made a​ lot of​ money out of​ it. But with that comes a​ kind of​ a​ -- also, let's say, a​ burden. I remember living and it​ was a​ 10,000 square foot house. That was a​ big house. That was a​ beautiful thing, custom-built ,almost a​ 100,000 gallon swimming pool in​ the back, and that's the one by the way where Richard Bach and I and his wife had dinner. And I remember thinking, look at​ all of​ these beautiful things. There's a​ lot of​ money, I don't have to​ worry about that.

But all through it​ there was a​ kind of​ a​ sadness. I would be sitting in​ the jacuzzi, in​ the pool, and I would be -- way before cell phones -- will be talking to​ a​ counterpart in​ Africa in​ one of​ those giant portable phones -- this time when those didn't exist. And yet there was this sadness. I'd stand by, look at​ the moon, look at​ the sky and say, "John, why aren't you as​ happy as​ the proverbial hog so to​ say?" And I couldn't understand why because I had -- Here's the difference I had, everything to​ live with, nothing to​ live for.

And so, maybe that's one of​ the reasons I created the situation which caused me to​ lose all of​ that to​ find myself again. And so, if​ we want -- Money is​ not bad. Never have I thought so. in​ fact, I think money is​ very important. And if​ somebody tells me that money is​ not important, I'd wonder what else they'd lie about because it's up there in​ importance with things like air and food and so forth. So it's important, but it's a​ tool. It's a​ tool. Money is​ GOD in​ action, if​ you will, and it​ helps us do some of​ the most marvelous things we could do.

Take for example, because of​ your affluence and your abundance -- I have always admired this about you, but I knew it​ about you even before you knew that I knew. You think of​ somebody in​ the Make-A-Wish Foundation whose -- and a​ quite a​ number of​ them whose dreams were fulfilled because you exist.

If you were working, making $20,000 a​ year, would you have been able to​ make that possible for a​ bunch of​ kids? Take again your contributions to​ so many charities like Toys for Tots and so many others I don't even know about, that you don't even tell people about, because of​ the special guy you are. But because of​ your wealth, you have been able to​ help a​ lot of​ people change their lives.

I have never known you as​ the guy who says, "I got to​ get, I got to​ get and I can't give, because if​ I give I will have less." You have unconsciously or​ maybe consciously used one of​ the methods of​ amassing wealth. And you can, you know, only have to​ amass millions if​ you so choose. You are one of​ the guys I will bet on. You could make billions. I don’t know what you'd do with it.

And you might be bored with that too. But one of​ things you do is​ you give it​ away, so it​ comes back to​ you, tenth or​ a​ hundredth times. People who are in​ your field of​ internet marketing don't realize that they are looking at​ how can I get this affiliate system going, how can -- now, those are important things too. But I think more important of​ that is​ to​ get to​ the point where the focus is​ not totally on how much I'd get. I think the focus should be what will I give to​ get how much I want. And many times if​ you give a​ service or​ you give a​ product. And you create those, because people need them. And you are divinely inspired to​ do that, which is​ what you did, starting with Instant sales letter. You gave a​ tremendous product to​ the world, and they thank you, thank you for it.

You know, how they thank you? Just like I asked Richard Bach once. I said, Richard -- and he and I had conversations that were stranger than things we wrote in​ our books. I said, Richard, “What is​ the secret of​ money, having made so much and lost it​ all too and then got it​ back?

He said, John, the secret of​ making a​ lot of​ money is​ this: Give your gift as​ beautifully as​ you can to​ the world and the world would say thank you. And I thought, oh, that's when I asked this great man about, this is​ what he says. The world will say thank you. “Man, I'd be a​ multimillionaire if​ I banked all the thank you people give me. I said, come on, Richard, that's it?”

He says, "You didn't let me finish. Here is​ how the world says thank you. They send you cash. Now, I started thinking. "Ah, how do they do that, may I ask?" He says, "Well, let me give you an​ example. We were broke. We had gone through bankruptcy, and we were almost starving. But then we put together a​ book called “Bridge Across Forever”. it​ was our gift. And we sent it​ out to​ the world. it​ was the best we could do. And the world said thank you buy buying my book. And every time someone bought my book, there was a​ little bit added to​ another little bit someplace. And before you knew it, we were out of​ our poverty. That's how we make this money."

So in​ the internet area -- and, you know, I watch what goes on. I get a​ gazillion newsletters, everybody selling something that this is​ the best thing in​ the world and you've got to​ get this. And those are good things, except that the purpose behind them, the intent behind them are not. It's -- most people are thinking, well, let's see if​ I could put this thing together and if​ I could force it​ to​ get to​ 100 people to​ buy it, and they all make $100 from each one, that will be $10,000. That will be great…

I think most people could do it​ by stepping back a​ little bit and looking at​ what they want and creating a​ system to​ bring them the money they want than just shooting for the money. One other comment on that. Many years ago after I had lost everything, I met a​ wise old man, a​ top psychic. And he looked at​ me and he said, "You know, John, you will make all the money in​ the world that you want, whether that be a​ 1,000 bucks or​ 100,000 or​ a​ million. You will make all the money in​ the world that you want to​ make when money is​ not as​ important as​ it​ is​ to​ you right now."

What he was saying was at​ that time, I had hypnotized myself to​ thinking that I couldnt do anything. The most important thing I needed to​ do was to​ make money. And so in​ your field there are a​ few people who teach good things and the way to​ deal with it. And yes, the mechanics are important. One has to​ know what an​ affiliate system is​ before he or​ she starts really doing it​ properly and then honing one’s skill like a​ musician does or​ a​ martial arts teacher does.

Yanik Silver: Let me just jump off on something else. Well, actually going back, what you talked about was to​ me there is​ one of​ my core values that I always look at​ is, “I'm going to​ get rich by enriching people 10 times to​ a​ 100 times what they pay me. And that’s something that I try to​ look at​ every single day. It's been a​ guiding principle since I started. And that really is​ my core belief that you can't over deliver value without the universe rewarding you. You know, it's similar to​ what you said.

John Harricharan: Yeah. And that’s the main secret I think, if​ you were to​ think of​ all the people you have met in​ this Internet world. Yanik, you will find that maybe 5% might think that way. And there are so many others who go after the thing. They just give a​ product because they want to​ get the money and your core value, your belief in​ this fulfills one of​ the greatest laws of​ affluence, laws of​ the universe. And that’s why you prosper and you will always prosper.

Spirituality Information John Harricharans Interview With Yanik Silver

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