Spirituality Information John Harricharans Interview With Terri Marie Q8

Spirituality Information John Harricharans Interview With Terri Marie Q8

Terri Marie: Wow John, you just answered about three of​ my questions all-in-one. I was going to​ ask you, how you guide yourself, what you tell yourself, but you just answered so beautifully and I know that when people go to​ the Spiritual simplicity site, there will be a​ lots of​ resources, when they do get feeling down and need a​ little help, because we all need a​ little help somewhere along the path. if​ there were -- I’ve got a​ little bit different question for you now, John.

John Harricharan: Okay.

Terri Marie: And I know your answer could be anywhere, I just can't wait to​ hear what you have to​ say.

A. Vishwanath: Me too.

Terri Marie: if​ there were a​ John Harricharan university, what courses would be required?

John Harricharan: I would think -- now I must admit this is​ unique. I have never, never had that question. And so you got me there for a​ while. to​ form the curriculum, I would have to​ sit with my counsel of​ advisors, who would be possibly a​ whole bunch of​ discarnates and then invisibles and the few from earth life 21st century. But we'd have to​ think very carefully because I think there will be certain courses that would be extremely, extremely required for graduation. One is​ “Silence 203”, there would be a​ “Prayer 101”, there would be “Understanding 401” because that's a​ senior level course.

Terri Marie: Okay.

John Harricharan: We really don't get there until we are about ready to​ graduate and then we say my goodness. if​ I knew what I know now, if​ I knew it​ when I was in​ my 20s or​ 30s or​ in​ my teens, what a​ different life it​ would be that's precisely why you don't take that course until much later you were supposed to​ evolve into it. But there are certain ones like “Prayer 101” Silence, whatever number I gave it…

Terri Marie: 102 maybe?

John Harricharan: Yeah.

A. Vishwanath: 203.

Terri Marie: Yeah. Okay. Vish is​ writing them down.

John Harricharan: “Compassion 201” or​ and “Compassion 202”, that's a​ one year course and this is​ a​ four-year University you're talking about. And there would be “Tolerance 101” because that's one of​ the first ones we need to​ do, to​ be able to​ tolerate every different idea not to​ agree with them. But to​ look at​ them and say maybe, maybe there is​ something there, and tolerate them, which means, Every branch of​ Hinduism, every branch of​ Islam, every branch of​ Sikhism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism or​ atheism and to​ look at​ the person and say that's only a​ belief, that's only a​ structured belief, but who is​ this person, who has this beliefs?

And this person is​ that shining light, remember the little drop of​ water in​ the wave in​ the ocean? That's what that person is​ and that person is​ connected to​ me through eternity, through all time and all space. And if​ I don't understand that person I cannot understand me, which brings “Understanding” and a​ course “Life sacrifice”, which means not sacrificing comfort, but sacrificing ideas, which we don't need any longer, when you cut your finger nails, clip your finger nails or​ have a​ haircut, you are not sacrificing the hair on your head or​ your finger nails.

You are just evolving you are just growing because you don't need that piece of​ nail or​ that hair any longer. So we get rid of​ out worn ideas and to​ teach those things at​ the university make elective classes also where one could take walk on water, that's a​ post graduate course. You don't get there until you do all the others and you might say well, see, I want to​ be able to​ walk on water. Well, when I was a​ little boy when I was five or​ six years old, I would see the guy who was driving the bus on the main road and say I want to​ drive that bus, I want to​ be just like that man. Naturally there came a​ time when I could have done that and went way beyond to​ being just a​ bus driver.

So this is​ how we will evolve into it, you will get to​ the walk on water course. So after you've done all the others, because it​ comes naturally, one leads to​ the other. So that's the university, that's quite a​ thought you have there, Terri Marie I might have to​ explore that a​ little bit more and to​ talk to​ my friend Vish about, “hey how about a​ university?

Terri Marie: Yes expanding the site.

John Harricharan: Yeah. a​ university without walls, where we do give these courses, where there will be lectures, where I will give just like a​ professor, give a​ lecture and there will be assignments and they are all self-directed anyway. And then after so many courses and so forth some one will have an​ invisible degree, which is​ called a​ Life Degree.

Terri Marie: I love that, John.

A. Vishwanath: That's a​ terrific, you know, school of​ thought.

Terri Marie: Right. Right. Well today John, a​ lot of​ people think to​ be really concerned about the time that we have

John Harricharan: We're hearing.

Terri Marie: Hello. Oh that's a​ nice music. Anyway we were talking about music.

John Harricharan: I just think they are telling us that our time for the interview is​ about over.

Terri Marie: is​ it​ over, Vish?

A. Vishwanath: Yeah. No, I don't know where is​ it​ coming from actually.

Terri Marie: Okay. Well it's just one of​ that, we were talking about getting a​ degree and maybe this is​ a​ celebration to​ it.

John Harricharan: Well, it's a​ wonderful way any way to​ say good-bye to​ all of​ you. And we can continue this again when we don't have the music.

Terri Marie: Okay. Thank you so much, John. Thank you, Vish. I am very, very pleased with all your answers and so happy that you are both putting this site together “Spiritual Simplicity”.

John Harricharan: Thank you very much.

A. Vishwanath: Yeah. Thanks, Terri and thanks, John for being part of​ it. Thank you very much.

Terri Marie: You're welcome. Bye.

John Harricharan: Bye.

Spirituality Information John Harricharans Interview With Terri Marie Q8

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