Spirituality Information John Harricharans Interview With Yanik Silver Q3

Spirituality Information John Harricharans Interview With Yanik Silver

Yanik Silver: How do we recognize when the universe is​ sending us those messages? You know, you have natural physic abilities and I don’t know does everyone have those. Are they latent, are they --?

John Harricharan: I think they all, I think we all have them. Just like we all could possibly play the piano, I certainly can play it, if​ I where...

Yanik Silver: I don’t know if​ I could play it?

John Harricharan: Well, this is​ the difference. We can play it​ if​ we really set about doing it. My wife, she started playing the piano at​ the age of​ four and when I met her, she would just sit there and the most beautiful magic tunes would come out of​ that piano. However, me all I can do to​ play the piano is​ use one finger, just one finger...

And so, if​ I wanted to​ really learn to​ play it, I’ve got to​ do a​ few things. I’ve got to​ take actions. I’ve got to​ take some lessons. So I’ve got to​ commit myself to​ learning it. Very interesting thing happened with me once, I’ve told you of​ my friend Bill Carter, the one in​ Nashville, who…

Yanik Silver: Former Secret Service Agent.

John Harricharan: Right for Kennedy and Johnson. And who have got a​ lot of​ major stars going like Reba McIntyre, Rodney Crowell and all the others. One day through him I met many of​ these stars and I met one of​ them who came up to​ be me and said, "Oh my God! John, how could you write such a​ book like, "When You Can Walk on Water Why Take the Boat." it​ is​ magical. That is​ so wonderful. I wish I could do that. I never could do that."

And I’m kept thinking that I’ve got a​ whole bunch of​ this guys albums. I love his stuff. I can’t play one note in​ the guitar, so I turned to​ him and I said, "You know my friend, how can you play such beautiful music? For me that’s magic. it​ is​ so interesting." So here it​ is, some of​ us do have a​ tendency -- he had a​ tendency towards playing the guitar…

Yanik Silver: Right

John Harricharan: And he built in​ it, he practiced and he worked in​ it, and he became a​ fantastic singer. I had a​ tendency to​ always want to​ express myself and I ended up being a​ writer of​ best selling books. My wife always wanted to​ express herself through music, so she became a​ top pianist, won so many awards.

Now, I couldn’t do it​ exactly the way she did, but I could play using my one finger a​ lovely tune that I like. So we all have the physic abilities within us that actually is​ sixth sense. Animals have them far more developed than we do, but we don’t tend to​ do it​ anymore because remember that conversation I told you about, the long one we keep having.

And when we’re not having that we have the television on and that’s the noise that blocks out everything else. So we never listen to​ the sounds of​ silence, but if​ we do that, if​ we practice everyday not a​ long time just for a​ few minutes everyday we get into a​ place where we breathe deeply, sit quietly and say, "I'm going to​ just let my thoughts run wherever they will, and I won’t watch them. And I won’t answer myself."

You will find that after a​ while that these abilities become heightened. And then, if​ you want you can train yourselves to​ feel maybe not here what other people are thinking because I remember meeting -- remember our friend Butch James.

Yanik Silver: Right.

John Harricharan: Butch had a​ big party at​ the rainbow room in​ New York. And I was invited to​ be one of​ his honored guest for which I was honored. I was happy to​ be there. But the word had gotten around that this guy, Butch’s friend who is​ going to​ come here and some how they thought I knew theirs thoughts.

So everybody is​ quiet when I’m introduced and whenever they met me they’d hardly say anything. And I ask Butch, I said, "What’s the matter with your people?" as​ he had all his employees there, many, many of​ them and their families, and he says, "You know the thing is​ John, they think that you know what they are thinking."

And I thought, "Now, I don’t even know what I’m thinking !. And if​ I would to​ know what everybody is​ thinking, I’d go nuts because I wouldn’t be able to​ handle it." So it’s something like any of​ the skill that we can develop, anyone could develop it. The requirements are very few.

You have to​ have a​ warm body, an​ IQ of​ greater than maybe 30 and stuff like that. But anyone could develop it​ because it’s a​ natural thing, a​ natural gift we all have, feeling or​ else feeling people’s thoughts. as​ they affect us we do not violate anybody’s privacy because, again, that’s not necessary.

Yanik Silver: Right. I was going to​ say I know in​ business many times when I’m doing a​ deal with somebody or​ I’m deciding on which project I want to​ do next, the times when I’ve listened to​ my gut instinct, whenever everyone talks about that gut seems like that feeling comes from somewhere within your gut region And I would rely on that gut instinct -- because I know when I’m doing something whether that is​ going to​ work and when it’s not going to​ work. And sometimes when I’ve decided, well…, you know, this person I’m sure that will workout or​ I’m sure this deal will workout or​ this project will workout, even though I knew from a​ gut feeling that it​ wouldn’t, its always been that way.

John Harricharan: And whenever you go against that feeling you find it​ doesn’t work. Now, it​ doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t use analysis and we shouldn’t use logic and so forth sure that’s important. That’s a​ part of​ the preparation you get the date and so forth, and then you step back and you listen or​ feel for what you call the "Gut Feeling."

And when you get that you will know when you’ll have a​ hit. You will have feeling of​ wellness, of​ being okay, a​ kind of​ an​ excitement about it, "This will work." It’s like the universe saying to​ you, "Okay, here are five paths, do business with this guy this way or​ not and do this one or​ don’t do it." And you will feel, "Oh! I should talk to​ Mr. X, that’s the one I have to​ do this with."

And then, your voice will come in​ now and say, "Oh, no, he doesn’t know anything. I can’t do anything with him. I don’t want a​ joint-venture with them." But -- and then you put it​ away and then you’re sleeping. I’d like -- I remember the story about you creating Instant Sales Letter…

Yanik Silver: I think its Instant sales letter.

John Harricharan: Instant sales letter where you jumped at​ three or​ so in​ the morning.

Yanik Silver: Yes.

John Harricharan: it​ come like that to​ you always, now, where does it​ come from? it​ comes from the dream fairy, the walk fairy, the quiet fairy, and it​ comes all the time. People say, generally, Opportunity knocks once. I disagree. Opportunity knocks all the time. We just don't listen.

Yanik Silver: Right. And I think if​ -- as​ you -- the more times you listen, I think it​ grows more distinct, that knocking, and louder. And then, as​ you don't listen to​ it, I think it​ grows fainter and fainter.

John Harricharan: Absolutely. it​ never goes away. You just block it​ out. And you being a​ new father, having the little prince as​ a​ son, you might remember in​ the early days if​ you checked carefully you will notice that maybe these days, if​ you -- no matter how tight you are sleeping, how soundly asleep you are, if​ there's a​ little sound from him, you might wake up.

Now, there were times when that wouldn't bother you at​ all. And so it​ is​ with us. if​ we don't listen and encourage the voice, it​ won't be there -- - it​ won't go away. it​ will just go in​ a​ little corner and will say, "Okay, I'll wait for John and when he is​ ready for me. I'll be there like I've always been through the centuries, through the millennia, through everlasting."

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