Spirituality Information John Harricharans Interview With Terri Marie Q3

Spirituality Information John Harricharans Interview With Terri Marie Q3

Terri Marie: I know. I thought you were going to​ say three millennium. Well, that leads me to​ something -- I am going to​ ask some questions that are maybe a​ little bit off the beaten path. But I know if​ anyone has an​ answer it​ will be you. And you were just talking about it's all one energy and we're all one world connected, and I believed that as​ well, but then how do our individual soul fit into the process of​ life?

John Harricharan: My initial thought to​ that, my initial reaction would be 10 divino . But it​ is​ interesting that you asked that question. And I will answer it​ this way. There is​ the mighty ocean of​ water. it​ is​ one individual body of​ water. And in​ this ocean, there are a​ lot of​ little waves. And each wave is​ an​ individual wave. And in​ each wave there is​ a​ -- there are lots of​ individual drops of​ water.

Each one of​ those drops has the quality of​ the entire ocean. Each wave is​ made up of​ what the entire ocean is​ made up off. And yet, the wave is​ unique in​ its own right. The drop of​ water is​ unique in​ its own right.

So all individual souls -- again I figure, because I don't think there's anyone on earth who could answer this question with absolute certainty. in​ fact, I don't even think there is​ such a​ thing called absolute certainty. But there are probabilities. And so I would venture to​ say that the souls are like part of​ the ocean, and yet, very, very separate being a​ unique individual or​ a​ unique entity.

And it's like -- and I hesitate here because we're dealing with some very, very strange and different thought patterns when we take the entire universe into consideration, because again, the universe might be a​ lot different than what we think or​ can think. And so I would say that our individual souls are connected like the drops of​ water or​ the waves in​ the ocean instead of​ being connected like raisins in​ a​ bun.

Spirituality Information John Harricharans Interview With Terri Marie Q3

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