Spirituality Information John Harricharans Interview With Yanik Silver Q2

Yanik Silver: Thank you. Well, you just said something before that that I thought is​ interesting and, you know, we should talk on. And you said that we are meant to​ be healthy. And I will assume that the same way you said we are meant to​ be healthy, that we are meant to​ be rich and we are meant to​ be happy, Why are people and how do we get back to​ this natural state of​ where we are meant to​ be?

John Harricharan: Okay. Yes, that's how we were born. We were born. We came here with certain agreements, because I do not believe we just popped up in​ this earth. And there are a​ whole bunch of​ my friends and people who think of​ it​ this way. Take for example, you and I have talked about Richard Bach, the author of​ Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Yanik Silver: Right.

John Harricharan: I have told you about Brad Steiger, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Deepak, many of​ us, who feel that we have lived forever, if​ you will. in​ fact, within each and every one of​ us is​ this feeling like the Poet says, 'A certain murmur in​ the soul tells of​ a​ world to​ be'. as​ travelers hear the billows roll before they reach the sea.'

So if​ we sit back quietly and listen, we will feel things from other times and other places, and it's totally, totally against my thinking that let's assume this has nothing to​ do with God or​ whichever one there is​ who -- like a​ worship or​ a​ lack God or​ anything, it​ just has to​ do with a​ kind of​ a​ feeling within ourselves that if​ there is​ a​ God and I do believe there is​ a​ higher power, then this God has got to​ be really nuts…if he or​ she is​ perfect to​ create things that are defective, for goodness' sakes, if​ I were to​ go to​ buy a​ DVD player and it's defective, I'd return it. So it​ came to​ me at​ a​ very early age and from listening to​ some of​ the masters of​ the Far East talk, some of​ the Yogi masters, I thought no, we were not born defective. We were born with all the potential we could ever want or​ have, and that we may have existed before, which some people call past lives, I call alternate existences and so forth. it​ doesn't matter what name we give to​ it. And so we may have agreed to​ come here.

For example, let us say that I and a​ bunch of​ us are traveling through the universe, no body, no physical body, but just a​ beautiful little points of​ light, if​ you will, a​ spirit that you can't see. But we're totally conscious. And we are passing by and one of​ us says to​ the other, "Hey, let's stop by earth. There it​ is, way in​ the distance. it​ looks blue. Let's stop by earth and see what they are up to​ today or​ these days. And it's 21st century or​ 20th century.”

And we get here and we start looking at​ them or​ we somehow maybe we can help them do some little thing. I have done all these other things. And so it​ is​ somewhat like a​ Star Track episode. And we are born into this world with agreements where we agree that okay, I'll be born without a​ leg. I will be born to​ a​ family that is​ going to​ abuse me. But during that period, I will grow and become something very special.

Who knows that Wayne Dyer, for example, was an​ orphan. He was in​ foster homes for a​ long time. There are so many other who were blind or​ deaf. They chose these things except you don't remember when you get caught up on the earth life that you did choose it. And yet some of​ us say, especially me, I say that contract we signed before we came here, at​ the bottom of​ it, it​ says “Subject to​ change for any reason at​ anytime without any penalties.” So we can quit the game anytime we want, which means if​ we are perfect to​ start with and religions, many of​ them teaches that we’re not -- we are a​ kind of​ a​ clod of​ clay.

And now, we’ve got a​ start becoming something in​ the potter’s hand. And some of​ us think that, "No, we are perfect to​ start with almost like the David’s statue in​ the stone. It’s there all the time. And all we’ve got to​ do is​ create the way, learn, grow and use the tools we have. So that that beautiful statue of​ David will come out or​ so that that beautiful part within us will come out."

Therefore, I do not believe that disease is​ a​ natural thing for a​ human being. I think we are hypnotized by advertisements, by all the kinds of​ things we see around us, by fear, by medicine, by everything else. Who was that I was talking with and he wrote it​ in​ his book- Deepak Chopra. Deepak and I go back many, many years, to​ a​ time when people thought that that Deepak was probably a​ rare Chinese disease. And Deepak and I were talking about ageing and growing old and dying.

And he quoted a​ Greek, who said, "People grow old and die because they see other people getting old and dying." And so it​ is​ where there is​ a​ kind of​ a​ joint energy is​ formed, where we are influenced by the energy around us, and we in​ turn influence that energy. So in​ our natural state, we should be healthy.

Let’s take Abraham or​ Moses or​ all the way down through Jesus into any of​ the other ones. Jesus saying to​ his mom, "Hey mom, I got to​ go to​ the drugs store, because I need some Aspirins or​ Abraham saying, "You know, Send out the camel boy to​ get me something because I’m not feeling too well." I think many of​ these people were able to​ transcend the need for that by doing a​ number of​ very interesting things.

Number one, stilling the conversations in​ their minds, the longest conversation that keeps going on from the day we were born is​ the one we have with ourselves…

Yanik Silver: Right

John Harricharan: …Where we’re talking to​ ourselves every moment. So, if​ we can still that conversation and get into a​ point where we are almost in​ non-thinking mold, we will find that the universe will send us all the solutions we want. And then its up to​ us to​ do something with it.

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