Spiritual Longing And The Path Of Forgiveness

Spiritual Longing And The Path Of Forgiveness

God’s heart exists within your own heart, and as​ you travel along the pathways of​ spiritual life, your own divine nature begins to​ emerge and awaken. as​ your spiritual essence becomes more manifest, your heart begins to​ awaken and to​ seek the way Home.

A heart that longs for love, and that longs to​ find the way home to​ God, opens a​ pathway of​ light from the human, embodied self to​ the soul that exists eternally in​ the realms of​ spirit. This important connection creates a​ funnel that can transmit knowledge, love, light and comfort from the realms of​ spirit to​ your embodied self. Truly it​ can be said that longing is​ the path Home to​ God, for it​ activates all the forces of​ heaven and Earth to​ infuse you and your daily life with God’s light and love.

Spiritual longing not only activates spiritual growth and transformation, but it​ also activates the healing of​ any and all inner blockages to​ love that may exist within your being. Pain, resentment, anger and blame that are directed towards others eventually sap the life force from our own inner light, and so at​ some point on the spiritual journey, we are led to​ the path of​ forgiveness.

Forgiveness is​ a​ state of​ being that emerges from love. Forgiveness cannot be forced, especially if​ you have been abused, neglected, or​ treated cruelly, or​ have suffered trauma at​ the hands of​ others. in​ this kind of​ situation, healing needs to​ progress in​ stages, first by allowing yourself to​ feel all the emotions that resulted from the trauma.

This first stage of​ forgiveness involves not an​ immersion in​ the feelings, but an​ allowing of​ them to​ emerge, within a​ space of​ safety. The emotions need to​ be held in​ the container of​ God’s love. For many, this is​ best done with the support of​ others who can hold a​ healing space by offering you a​ loving and steady presence. This stage can last for a​ while if​ the traumas run deep, or​ can be passed through more quickly if​ there is​ sufficient light and love present to​ help in​ the transformation process.

After this phase there is​ a​ kind of​ lull, and a​ sense of​ emptiness, as​ the emotions that were held inside for so long are no longer existing within you. Like so many phases of​ spiritual life, one must first be emptied out before being filled with the new.

After this phase has passed, a​ sense of​ new life and hope begins to​ emerge naturally from the cleansing effects that happened during the period of​ emotional release. These emerge as​ seeds of​ the new that spring into consciousness or​ even appear in​ daily life as​ harbingers of​ a​ new day to​ come.

During this time, opportunities are given for you to​ review the past with fresh eyes. You may come to​ a​ deeper understanding of​ the meaning of​ the painful situations that you experienced. at​ this point, the opportunities for forgiveness begin to​ emerge. it​ is​ important to​ understand that these cannot be forced or​ manufactured.

Forgiveness can only come from a​ heart that is​ open and that has released the burden of​ anger and resentment fully. What this means is​ not that you will never feel anger or​ resentment again, but that you are no longer holding onto the anger. Instead, you are seeking to​ return to​ love, harmony and wholeness. You want to​ be released from the past so you can be free to​ live, love, and move forward into the new.

There are some things that we experience that are so terrible that it​ does not seem possible to​ forgive or​ heal from them. in​ this kind of​ situation, extra care is​ needed to​ not place judgments upon yourself. if​ you have experienced a​ severe trauma, you may not be able to​ experience forgiveness quite yet. You may need more time to​ go through the emotional healing process, and to​ pick up the pieces of​ your life, and to​ go deeper with your relationship with God.

To have the intention to​ forgive is​ the first step towards a​ complete freedom and release from the trauma. in​ some cases it​ may take time to​ arrive at​ this point. Once you are ready to​ be willing to​ forgive, your healing process has already begun.

Spiritual longing is​ the desire of​ the heart to​ be free, to​ be at​ one with the divine nature of​ our own being. Spiritual longing activates a​ profound process of​ transformation and healing that is​ capable to​ freeing us from even the deepest of​ traumas. Forgiveness, when it​ comes, is​ a​ blessing of​ love that releases us from the chains of​ the past and opens a​ new doorway to​ healing.

Forgiveness is​ one of​ God’s greatest gifts, and is​ greatly needed in​ today's world. Your own healing process not only benefits you, but all those you come in​ contact with. as​ a​ freer and more loving being, you become more capable of​ being a​ presence of​ love and light for others during these very challenging times we live in. in​ this way, you contribute to​ the healing of​ the world, one heart at​ a​ time.

Spiritual Longing And The Path Of Forgiveness

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