Spiritual Belief

Spiritual Belief

The atmosphere surrounding the earth is​ still a​ matter of​ special interest for scientific research. Some physicists have discovered and suggest that we are living within a​ field of​ energy that surrounds and envelops the earth, like an​ invisible halo. Through this are shot electrical charges. it​ appears that not only does this energy charge the batteries of​ our mind, body and soul it​ also helps us to​ be successful. Einstein stated that to​ the physicist this field is​ as​ real as​ the chair you are sitting on.

Man has suddenly re-awakened to​ the fact that he is​ part of​ a​ vast cosmos, and that we are not just a​ speck of​ dust on a​ chunk of​ matter, revolving around the sun. With this new dawn and with cosmic realization our questioning mind will find answers to​ some of​ mans most demanding questions. One of​ the most persistent conceptions in​ the history of​ human thinking has been the idea that there is​ a​ definable relationship between the individual and there destiny. This is​ a​ very old idea and it​ crops up in​ the records of​ every known civilization and culture.

At the end of​ World War 2 a​ wave of​ discontent, particularly affecting the young, swept over the world. it​ was suddenly apparent that in​ the eternal quest for meaningful identity many of​ the old religions and philosophies completely broken down and people started to​ look for other faiths. The most popular one was a​ spiritual belief.

Because mediumship possesses a​ charm and an​ everlasting attraction, this is​ the one reason why it​ is​ frowned upon throughout different religions. Today however, with the development of​ modern physics, people's views are starting to​ change. Many scientists are studying quite seriously the possibility of​ a​ connection between man and the cosmic environment. Whilst scientists remain sceptical, it​ is​ now becoming clear that in​ certain areas they are becoming more open minded.

Over the years psychic mediums have been able to​ help people with their development, their losses and have helped many to​ discovery a​ new way of​ life. a​ medium has touched every area of​ life by having the ability to​ see and hear beyond this world and into the next.

When we think about it, life is​ like a​ detective story not only in​ its complexities but also in​ the fact that any event no matter how great, small or​ trivial, is​ the action of​ an​ individual person. History shows repeatedly that one man can overturn the world and everyone knows that a​ single member of​ a​ family can destroy the happiness of​ a​ home. That one partner in​ a​ firm can wreck a​ sound business and how one guest can wreck a​ party. Equally, it​ is​ also true that no situation is​ saved
except through the actions of​ an​ individual. Someone is​ always at​ the centre or​ out in​ front of​ everything whether it​ is​ war, a​ motor accident or​ a​ great achievement.

There is​ a​ very old proverb that says, "to understand all is​ to​ forgive all" but a​ more practical version is​ "to understand all is​ to​ be able to​ handle the situation better". if​ we did not have to​ learn through misunderstandings, unhappiness, and even tragedy the people we love and live with, work with and encounter in​ the course of​ our daily lives, it​ might well be that life in​ general could develop into a​ more manageable affair.

A psychic medium is​ not a​ selfish person, but any physic medium will always desire truth and respect from the individuals they help. a​ psychic medium could never bring hurt or​ harm to​ others and they like to​ be honest. They also have high standards, without this they would not be able to​ do their work for spirit. They also believe that without honesty and high standards there would be no respect for others in​ the world.

Our destiny is​ the light pattern of​ time bequeathed to​ us by unknown benefactors of​ our past, because both the bodily and spiritual roads we travel are our goals towards were we are heading. We are comfortably conscious of​ being part of​ an​ orderly structure of​ life, but we are also fully aware that we are free to​ choose for ourselves.

Destiny is​ something to​ achieve, to​ fight for and to​ pursue. This is​ probably why the pattern of​ time has developed a​ formula, which is​ to​ help us pursue both our destiny and our dreams.

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