Spend Wisely To Save Money

Spend Wisely To Save Money

Spend Wisely to​ Save Money
Have you ever noticed that the​ things you buy every week at​ the​ grocery and​ hardware stores go up a​ few cents between shopping trips? Not by much…just by a​ little each week but they continue to​ creep up and​ up.
All it​ takes for​ the​ price to​ jump up by a​ lot is​ a​ little hiccup in​ the​ world wide market, note the​ price of​ gasoline as​ it​ relates to​ world affairs.
There is​ a​ way that we can keep these price increases from impacting our personal finances so much and​ that is​ by buying in​ quantity and​ finding the​ best possible prices for​ the​ things we use and​ will continue to​ use everyday… things that will keep just as​ well on the​ shelves in​ our homes as​ it​ does on the​ shelves at​ the​ grocery store or​ hardware store.
For instance, dog food and​ cat food costs about 10% less when bought by the​ case than it​ does when bought at​ the​ single can price and​ if​ you wait for​ close out prices you save a​ lot more than that .​
Set aside some space in​ your home and​ make a​ list of​ things that you use regularly which will not spoil .​
Any grain or​ grain products will need to​ be stored in​ airtight containers that rats can’t get into so keep that in​ mind.
Then set out to​ find the​ best prices you can get on quantity purchases of​ such things as​ bathroom items and​ dry and​ canned food.
You will be surprised at​ how much you can save by buying a​ twenty pound bag of​ rice as​ opposed to​ a​ one pound bag but don’t forget that it​ must be kept in​ a​ rat proof container.
You can buy some clothing items such as​ men’s socks and​ underwear because those styles don’t change, avoid buying children’s and​ women’s clothing, those styles change and​ sizes change too drastically.
Try to​ acquire and​ keep a​ two year supply of​ these items and​ you can save hundreds of​ dollars .​

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