Spend Less Time On Your Database And More Time Selling With Act Crm

Spend Less Time On Your Database And More Time Selling With Act Crm

Act! CRM software is​ the​ favorite CRM of​ many business owners and salesmen. Act CRM software has Premium and Workgroup features that allow for easy setup of​ centralized administration of​ your sales and marketing activities for larger businesses and corporations.

The program allows for easy maintenance of​ the​ database as​ new data comes in,​ both for individual and for teams and workgroups. the​ systems admins can use the​ teams function to​ quickly and easily give access to​ data according to​ teams or​ groups. Furthermore,​ you​ can look up contacts based on​ which of​ your teams,​ groups,​ or​ individual users are working with them. There are features such as​ automatic database backup,​ automatic database synchronization,​ and automatic database maintenance. These features make it​ so that vital information about your clients and prospects never falls through the​ cracks or​ gets neglected. All that a​ remote user needs to​ do is​ make sure that their computer is​ turned on​ at​ the​ specific time of​ day when the​ backups,​ synchronizations,​ and database health maintenance actions take place.

You can also know that with Act CRM software,​ you​ have a​ very secure system. you​ can manage your system's security by contact,​ by user,​ or​ by field. Each one can have up to​ five security levels to​ permit access to​ data based on​ user need and user level. Contact data can be tagged as​ either Public or​ Private and can also be limited based on​ teams or​ groups as​ well as​ individuals. Field Level Security can also be chosen. This permits administrators to​ restrict access to​ certain fields of​ information. you​ can also give read-only access to​ teams,​ groups,​ and individuals so that they can view the​ data but cannot add or​ edit. you​ choose how much access,​ if​ any at​ all,​ to​ give to​ every group,​ team,​ and individual.

Act! CRM software lets you​ make customized views and operations in​ the​ program across the​ entire business. at​ once,​ once you​ have done this,​ individuals can still customize their own look and layout for maximizing their own efficiency based on​ their needs and personality. you​ can customize the​ way teams,​ groups,​ or​ individuals are to​ follow your tailored sales process to​ ensure that you​ know exactly what procedures are being followed with sales and marketing efforts and be able to​ more accurately track their efficacy.

When tracking the​ sales and marketing efforts,​ you​ can track products and services based on​ each opportunity,​ while at​ once costs for every product and service including discounts. you​ also have the​ ability to​ generate quotes on​ the​ spot without having to​ enter any more data. the​ follow-up alarms that the​ system has are a​ superior tool for keeping the​ sales pipeline flowing on​ every account.

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