Speed Reading As A Study Aid

Speed Reading As A Study Aid

Any high school or​ college student will tell you that they spend many hours lost in​ their books, studying for exams. in​ order to​ ace the exam, it’s essential that they know the material. in​ order to​ know the material that may mean reading it​ over and over again until the key details become ingrained in​ their mind. For a​ student who reads at​ a​ normal pace, this process can take hours and they may lose interest before they are adequately prepared.

A great investment for any student regardless of​ age is​ to​ spend some time learning speed reading. The process itself is​ relatively easy; it​ involves taking the reading skills that you already have, and boosting them up through the use of​ specific techniques. The goal with speed reading is​ to​ have your mind and eyes working in​ unison so that you are reading at​ a​ much faster pace while absorbing the meaning of​ what you are reading.

Students tend to​ pick up reading habits young. it​ is​ those habits that will influence how they read for the remainder of​ their lives. Some of​ the habits that children adopt that slow down their reading rate include:

Reading in​ a​ noisy environment. Many children play music loudly or​ have the television on while they are studying. Any loud noise is​ a​ distraction to​ the reading and although the child may read an​ entire passage or​ chapter of​ a​ book in​ one evening, they may not absorb any of​ the information if​ they are doing it​ while distracted.

Reading in​ bed. When anyone reads in​ bed, they may not be getting the most out of​ what they are reading. Body position is​ important to​ reading and being in​ bed doesn’t afford you the concentration you could get if​ you were sitting at​ a​ table or​ at​ a​ desk with the book directly in​ front of​ you.

Losing their place in​ the text. Reading an​ entire page of​ text can be laborious and a​ bit overwhelming especially for younger readers. Unless they are following with a​ bookmark or​ their finger, they may easily lose their place and either reread entire blocks of​ text, or​ miss entire lines of​ text. Incorporating a​ method of​ following text into their reading routine can make a​ remarkable difference.

Children can learn to​ adopt new methods of​ reading that will greatly improve both their reading speed and their comprehension. The younger these techniques are introduced the more beneficial it​ is​ to​ the student. Parents can help by encouraging the child to​ read in​ a​ dimly lit room, while seated at​ a​ desk or​ a​ table in​ a​ quiet room. if​ the child becomes accustomed to​ reading this way, they will already be well on their way to​ learning the basics needed for speed reading. Studying is​ a​ fundamental part of​ learning, and making it​ easier and more enjoyable will guarantee more success for the student.

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