Special Natural Skin Care For Babies

Special Natural Skin Care For Babies

We spend hours and countless amounts of​ money on​ our own personal skin care,​ trying different lotions and potions to​ find the​ perfect product for our needs. Our babies deserve the​ same special attention when selecting skin care products as​ well.

Babies and little children seldom actually need lotions and creams unless they have dry skin. Commercial products on​ the​ market contain synthetics and chemicals that can be harsh on​ tender skin,​ so many parents are opting for natural skin care and bath products for their babies.

For babies and toddlers especially,​ the​ skin care product most frequently used are baby wipes,​ and the​ perfumes and dyes found in​ commercial brands can play havoc with their sensitive bottoms. Parents use baby wipes not only at​ diaper changes,​ but for all sorts of​ reasons,​ cleaning little faces and hands being two very common tasks. Although possible to​ find brands with little synthetics,​ another alternative is​ to​ make home-made baby wipes to​ make certain the​ ingredients are all natural.

Another skin care problem parents with babies face is​ diaper rash. Even with the​ best of​ changing routines,​ diaper rash can occur,​ and frequently applying chemical rash creams can often aggravate the​ problem even more,​ causing prolonged discomfort for baby. Help prevent diaper rash with frenquent diaper changes and cleaning baby with natural soap and water.

Natural Baby Wipes

1/4 cup aloe vera juice
4 drops lavender essential oil
1/2 roll paper towels cut lengthwise
1/4 cup water
2 drops tea tree oil

Simply mix the​ ingredients and store in​ a​ plastic container.

There are many natural baby and child skin care products available online. Marlo Quinn is​ a​ new natural skin care company with impeccable skin care products for families. It’s also possible to​ prepare natural baby wipes at​ home using the​ recipe above. Products made from natural ingredients are the​ best choice for babies and children.

Special Natural Skin Care For Babies

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