Special Education

Special Education

I never would have got into teaching special needs students if​ it​ were not for personal experiences .​
You see, my sister was in​ a​ residential autism program when she was a​ kid, and I​ found out first hand how big a​ difference special education can make .​
When she first went in​ to​ the program, I​ was very mad at​ my parents .​
I​ did not want them to​ take my sister away .​
She had pretty high functioning autism – as​ these things go – and I​ wanted her to​ stay with us.
My parents tried to​ convince me that it​ was all for the best .​
It was supposed to​ be one of​ the best special education programs in​ the country, and the people who ran it​ practically guaranteed that we would see here improve by leaps and bounds within the first year .​
I​ was more than a​ bit skeptical, of​ course .​
I​ was very protective of​ my sister, and I​ did not believe that anyone could do a​ better job than we were doing at​ home.
That is​ why I​ was so surprised when she got back from a​ year of​ special education classes .​
I​ had never seen her doing so well, and that is​ no lie .​
She was more at​ ease, happier, and healthier than before .​
She had learned a​ lot too! Her academic performance was almost up to​ grade level when she got home from that year of​ classes .​
That is​ when I​ decided to​ teach special education.
A lot of​ people assume that teaching special needs classes will be easy, but it​ is​ not .​
As a​ matter of​ fact, special education is​ one of​ the most demanding and specialized of​ all the teaching fields .​
You have to​ be able to​ work with autism, mental retardation, and a​ whole long list of​ different learning disabilities .​
Let me tell you – it​ is​ no small task! Still, if​ you are really passionate about what you are doing, it​ will all be worth it​ in​ the end.
I finished up my special education training well on the way to​ one of​ the most rewarding careers that I​ could imagine .​
I​ would be able to​ spend every day in​ the classroom, working with a​ variety of​ different students, helping them to​ overcome some very challenging problems .​
You can not imagine how rewarding that is .​
Each day is​ a​ challenge, but each challenge is​ its own reward.

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