Space Videos

Space Videos

You can take the​ next shuttle to​ the​ moon or​ planet Mars on NASA's dime. Would you jump for​ joy and​ suit-up, or​ would you cringe at​ the​ very thought of​ leaving this planet's atmosphere? I'm on the​ fence with this one. a​ part of​ me wants to​ see and​ experience outer space so badly, but another part of​ me is​ frightened. It's difficult to​ not associate death with outer space. After all, we've seen what can happen to​ those billion dollar space shuttles. I think for​ a​ lot of​ us, it's best to​ stick with a​ planetarium, current space video or​ DVD. This way we can get a​ glimpse of​ what our universe has to​ offer, but without any danger involved.

Millions of​ us watched as​ a​ civilian, school teacher, climbed into a​ shuttle headed for​ outer space. This was back in​ the​ 1980s, so I was in​ elementary school at​ the​ time. My teacher happily flipped on the​ television so that our entire class could view in​ amazement. Unfortunately our amazement was not related to​ viewing a​ successful take-off. Some aspect of​ the​ space shuttle was faulty and​ all went wrong. Lives were ended and​ hopes were shattered. it​ was undoubtingly a​ dismal day for​ NASA. However, there have also been plenty of​ successful journeys into outer space as​ well. You can catch the​ highlights on a​ contemporary space video or​ DVD at​ home. Teach your children what the​ folks at​ NASA have accomplished over the​ years.

Clearly there is​ more to​ becoming involved with NASA than watching a​ space video or​ two and​ feeling passionate about astronomy. if​ you're really into the​ stars and​ moons, I suggest you pursue a​ college degree in​ Astronomy or​ physics. Even better yet, most individuals with a​ passion for​ outer space will go the​ extra mile and​ acquire a​ PhD. This way you can become a​ professor, who teaches the​ wonders of​ astronomy, or​ possibly even acquire a​ position at​ NASA. That would be amazing! Imagine telling people you know that you work for​ NASA. Who can vie with that?

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