Spa Equipment Should You Go Automated

Spa Equipment Should You Go Automated

Having a​ spa in​ our very own home is​ a​ luxury of​ which many of​ us only dream about. But if​ you’re one of​ the​ fortunate ones who have the​ space, time, and​ money to​ devote to​ a​ spa, you probably wonder what all of​ the​ hype over owning a​ spa is​ all about. This is​ because the​ novelty of​ having a​ spa has probably dimmed over time. This is​ not because the​ spa is​ not as​ relaxing or​ as​ divine as​ you thought it​ would be, but it​ has a​ great deal to​ do with how much effort you have to​ put into operating your spa and​ keeping your spa in​ top shape.

The simple fact is​ that spa maintenance tends to​ get a​ little boring and​ exceedingly frustrating over time, especially if​ you’re prone to​ letting things go longer than you should. All of​ this work and​ maintenance can take the​ joy out of​ your spa and​ result in​ you not using it​ as​ much as​ you would if​ things were simpler.

To meet this need, manufacturers have developed numerous pieces of​ automated spa equipment to​ help you stop maintaining your spa and​ start enjoying it. You can choose from simple automated equipment that will help you add chemicals to​ your spa at​ designated times to​ elaborate automated networks that will have your spa cleaned and​ warmed to​ the​ perfect temperature when you arrive home from a​ hard day’s work.

While automated spa equipment can make your life one of​ luxury, they do come with a​ price tag that can get a​ little hefty. for​ this reason, many consumers skip the​ automated portion of​ spa ownership and​ take the​ hands on approach. But for​ those that have taken the​ plunge and​ purchased automated equipment, the​ consensus seems to​ be that the​ money was well spent.

Here is​ a​ list of​ the​ top-selling automated spa equipment to​ help you decide whether or​ not automation is​ for​ you:

* Automatic chlorinators - Automatic chlorinators are the​ most popular form of​ automated equipment purchased for​ spas with a​ little more than half of​ all spa owners purchasing one. the​ price tag is​ minimal and​ will cost you anywhere from $59 to​ $100 depending on the​ brand and​ size.

* Automatic cleaners - Granted, it​ does not take as​ much time to​ vacuum a​ spa as​ it​ does a​ pool. This is​ why many people do not opt for​ an​ automatic spa cleaner. Conventional vacuums and​ cleaners for​ a​ spa will cost you around $20 to​ $30. Automated ones may cost as​ much as​ $200 or​ more. You may also have trouble finding one that is​ small enough for​ a​ spa as​ many are manufactured for​ large pools.

* Wireless controls - This is​ the​ ultimate luxury. With a​ wireless control you can automatically control the​ water level, temperature, filtering schedule and​ lighting of​ your spa. But as​ with all things, luxury comes with a​ price. You can expect to​ spend around $1,000 to​ $3,000 for​ a​ fully-integrated control system.

Most people opt for​ conventional spa tools over automated ones because of​ cost. Other reasons why people pass up automation are because they do not feel that the​ need for​ automatic tools is​ evident. Others are afraid that automatic tools will be difficult to​ operate. But regardless of​ how skeptic and​ slow spa owners are to​ warm up to​ automatic tools, the​ trend toward automation keeps increasing. Today, more than 60% of​ spa owners are automated to​ some extent.

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