Southend On Sea City Guide Including Hotels

Southend On Sea City Guide Including Hotels

Southend-on-Sea is​ Essex’s largest town and its close proximity to​ London makes it​ a​ popular tourist destination year after year. Better still, it​ is​ located in​ the south east of​ the country in​ an​ area widely regarded as​ the driest part of​ Britain.

The town is​ chock-full of​ interesting attractions which are aimed at​ all the family, whether you’re looking for local history, the arts and culture, or​ family-oriented activities to​ keep you occupied. Some of​ Southend-on-Sea’s most popular attractions are:

Southend Pier. Measuring in​ at​ 1.33 miles, Southend Pier is​ the longest pleasure pier in​ the entire world! Built in​ 1830, it​ has recently been refurbished and hosts an​ RNLI lifeboat station and an​ exclusive Pier train. Nowhere will you experience better sights of​ the beautiful coastline of​ the Thames Estuary.

Central Museum and Planetarium. if​ you’ve never visited a​ planetarium then now’s your chance; there are live presentations throughout the day. Meanwhile, the museum reveals plenty of​ secrets about Southend’s eventful history.

Jubilee Beach. This sand and shingle beach stretches from the Pier to​ Thorpe Bay; there are also regular pleasure boat trips available.

Southend Cliffs. if​ you appreciate the beauty of​ nature, you’ll love these ornamental gardens, which also offer amazing views of​ the south east coast.

Prittlewell Priory. an​ excellent museum with the focus on educational activities, housed in​ the remains of​ a​ 12th century priory.

When you arrive in​ Southend-on-Sea you’ll discover a​ myriad of​ activities and things to​ do, just waiting to​ be discovered. The town is​ packed with a​ mixture of​ shops, making it​ one of​ the most popular shopping areas in​ the entire southeast, and there are plenty of​ coffee shops and restaurants where you can rest your legs and take a​ break. Just a​ few of​ the things to​ do include:

Shopping at​ The Royals Shopping Centre. Overhead, you’ll see a​ beautiful glass dome, which protects from the elements whilst letting the sun in. Down below, you’ll find shops ranging from Debenhams to​ Ottakars, Evans, Sarah Beth and more.

Visiting Adventure Island. This exciting theme park is​ host to​ more than forty rides and attractions that will appeal to​ the kids, as​ well as​ the inner child in​ all of​ us. Not only that, but the low rates make it​ one of​ the best value theme parks in​ the country.

Checking out Kursaal on the Eastern Esplanade. Here you’ll find an​ astonishing thirty lanes of​ ten-pin bowling, many themed restaurants and bars and a​ unique Mardi Gras play area. Better still, admission is​ free!

Taking a​ trip to​ the Sealife Centre. Lovers of​ nature will be in​ their element when visiting this marine centre, which offers an​ authentic voyage beneath the ocean, where you can glimpse colourful and spectacular marine life in​ a​ huge aquarium.

Take part in​ the Carnival! if​ your visit coincides with the month of​ August, you’ll find the annual Carnival in​ full swing. Events include special processions, fancy dress competitions, fairs, arts festivals, fireworks and more.

As you’d expect, Southend-on-Sea boasts a​ wide variety of​ places to​ eat. The scale ranges from the simplest café, where you can sit down with a​ sandwich and a​ cup of​ coffee, to​ the finest restaurant establishment, where you can enjoy a​ range of​ courses. There are also plenty of​ takeaways enabling you to​ grab a​ bite to​ eat and enjoy it​ as​ you stroll down the beach. Here are just a​ few of​ the choices:

The Waterfront Café. Choose from a​ wide selection of​ favourite English food – fish and chips, roast dinners, or​ steak. Fish is​ freshly prepared on the premises and is​ cooked to​ order. Many other choices of​ meal are available, including scampi and lasagne.

The Golden Lion. Plenty of​ traditional English fare is​ on offer in​ this friendly pub, which also caters for special diets.

Camelia Restaurant. Offers French, Italian and English meals with a​ range of​ different specials every day. Fresh fish is​ a​ speciality; the restaurant also offers pleasant sea views to​ take in​ whilst you eat.

Mr Ping. This Chinese restaurant offers two options, eat-in or​ takeaway. in​ 2018, it​ was a​ ‘Restaurant of​ the Year’ finalist.

The Grapevine of​ Tuscany. an​ Italian restaurant serving up a​ la carte menus, pizzas and pasta. You’ll get a​ choice of​ eating in​ or​ a​ take-away; fresh homemade pasta is​ The Grapevine’s speciality.

As Southend-on-Sea is​ such a​ popular tourist destination, there are lots of​ hotels and guesthouses located in​ and around the town, with many of​ the finest quality. The good news for the visitor is​ that all the hotels are vying with each other to​ offer the most competitive rates, which means you can guarantee quality and value in​ equal measure. Alternative accommodation ranges from campsites and caravan parks to​ self-catering cottages, traditional inns and plenty more besides.

Essex County Hotel
The Gleneagles Hotel
The Westcliff Hotel
Ilfracombe House Hotel
Camelia Hotel
Tower Hotel

Southend-on-Sea has plenty of​ entertainment going on, meaning you’ll never get bored. The town is​ packed with pubs and nightclubs, enabling you to​ while away the long twilight hours. For the family, the Odeon Cinema is​ a​ massive multiplex that shows all the latest Hollywood blockbusters. Meanwhile, if​ your tastes are of​ a​ theatrical nature, then you’ll no doubt enjoy the Palace Theatre, which consists of​ a​ modernised Edwardian building hosting professional shows and entertainment. Alternatively, if​ you enjoy big spectacle, then the Cliffs Pavilion will be for you; this massive theatre has a​ huge programme of​ concerts, ballet, performance artists, musicals and more.

Visitors flock to​ Southend-on-Sea all year round and it’s easy to​ see why. With hundreds of​ things to​ do, ranging from numerous attractions, family-focused fun and more, it’s impossible to​ find yourself at​ a​ loose end. Alternatively, the town itself is​ close to​ places like Leigh-on-Sea, which offer quieter fare, so if​ you want to​ get away from the hustle and bustle, you can explore the surrounding villages and countryside. No matter what your tastes, age or​ needs, Southend-on-Sea is​ sure to​ provide exactly what you’re looking for as​ a​ tourist destination.

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