South Dakota Real Estate Step Away From The Rat Race

South Dakota Real Estate Step Away From The Rat Race

South Dakota Real Estate – Step Away From the​ Rat Race
From National Parks to​ a​ relaxed pace of​ life, South Dakota has a​ lot more going for​ it​ then you might think .​
With some of​ the​ cheapest prices in​ the​ land, South Dakota real estate is​ a​ steal .​
South Dakota
If you’re looking for​ bustling cities and​ every modern convenience, South Dakota is​ definitely not for​ you .​
If you prefer a​ relaxed, honest place where you know the​ neighbors and​ a​ handshake means something, you’ve found the​ place .​
Throw incredibly scenic places like Badlands National Park and​ Mount Rushmore, and​ you have a​ state with a​ friendly old west feel that makes a​ perfect relocation spot .​
Rapid City
The second largest city in​ South Dakota, Rapid City isn’t very rapid at​ all .​
Instead, the​ city feels more like a​ town and​ is​ extremely family oriented .​
The town is​ located on rolling hills with plenty of​ tree cover .​
If you enjoy the​ outdoors, Rapid City is​ a​ hop and​ a​ jump from the​ Black Hills and​ plenty of​ outdoor activities .​
As occurs throughout South Dakota, it​ is​ warm in​ the​ summer and​ cold in​ the​ winter .​
Sioux Falls
Built on the​ Big Sioux River, Sioux Falls is​ known for…its falls .​
Running through the​ city, the​ falls are not particularly big, but are very picturesque .​
Home to​ the​ University of​ Sioux Falls, the​ town has a​ conservative, friendly atmosphere .​
The gold rush town of​ Deadwood deserves a​ special mention when discussing South Dakota .​
As with most gold rush towns, the​ fortunes of​ Deadwood went up and​ down with the​ gold industry .​
Eventually, things went really bad and​ the​ town nearly was abandoned .​
Today, Deadwood has been revived by tourism and​ visiting it​ is​ like stepping back in​ time .​
Casinos dating from the​ nineteenth century have been revived with the​ Midnight Star Casino being owned by Kevin Costner .​
South Dakota Real Estate
South Dakota real estate is​ just about the​ best deal in​ the​ United States .​
You can expect to​ pay under $200,000 for​ a​ single family home throughout the​ state .​
With such low prices, the​ appreciation rate for​ South Dakota real estate was a​ reasonably 7.5 percent for​ 2018.

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