South African Main Course Cuisine

South African Main Course Cuisine

South African main course cuisine
The food from South Africa is​ as​ diverse as​ the​ people that live there, influenced by many countries and​ cultures over the​ centuries .​
They have been able to​ combine all the​ great ingredients introduced to​ the​ country and​ making it​ their one, UNIQUE .​
Nothing tastes as​ great as​ South African food! Maybe I​ am just bias, but why not try it​ and​ judge for​ yourself .​

One big influence on the​ choice of​ food must be the​ two bordering oceans, the​ Atlantic and​ Indian .​
Seafood plays a​ very important role in​ any diet and​ can be enjoyed in​ a​ great variety of​ ways .​
Shell fish, rock lobster, crayfish, salt cod, kingklip and​ snoek (a pickled fish) are only a​ few of​ the​ great dishes enjoyed very often .​
They can be served with onions, lemon butter, chilli peppers or​ a​ great curry .​
the​ crayfish are best served braised with onions and​ chillies and​ snoek must be barbecued.
If you are looking for​ variety, you won’t be disappointed! South African cuisine caters for​ all and​ no matter what you prefer, you will find something on the​ menu to​ suit your taste .​
the​ food is​ both elegant and​ glows with simplicity .​
if​ you are looking for​ a​ main course and​ you are not a​ seafood lover, don’t worry .​
Look at​ the​ following choices and​ see what you like the​ look of​ .​

On the​ top of​ the​ menu is​ the​ great Afrikaner hoenderpastei, or​ chicken pie, inspired by the​ British pastries, but totally different and​ unique .​
This is​ a​ pastry pot, filled with chicken, sauce, bacon, green pepper and​ other secret ingredients with a​ pastry top, baked until light brown and​ crispy in​ a​ medium hot oven .​

If you are looking for​ lamb or​ beef, try the​ great bobotie from the​ Boere .​
This is​ a​ great dish, inspired by spices from the​ Malay slaves with onions, raisons and​ topped with a​ custard, comprising of​ egg and​ milk .​
This is​ usually served with yellow rice, banana, blatjang and​ coconut .​
Make sure to​ include a​ great vegetable side dish .​

Maybe the​ warm sunshine is​ too inviting and​ you are looking to​ spend your days outside .​
if​ you are, you should try a​ potjiekos, also a​ Boer dish .​
Throwing all the​ ingredients in​ a​ cast iron pot, letting the​ vegetables cook in​ the​ meat’s sauces for​ many, many hours .​
You can bake a​ potbrood at​ the​ same time, by placing the​ dough in​ another cast iron pot over the​ coals .​

If the​ potjiekos isn’t for​ you, why not try a​ braai (barbecue) .​
Put some boerewors (a great seasoned sausage made from beef), steak, sosaties (marinated meat on skewers) and​ braaidroodjies (toasted sandwiches) on the​ fire outside in​ your backyard .​
This is​ the​ way to​ live! Serve with potato salad and​ away you go .​
Frikkadelle, basically small beef patties, are greatly seasoned and​ taste magnificent, being served with salads and​ vegetables .​
if​ you are looking for​ very warm and​ comfort food, try a​ bredie .​
the​ most popular is​ a​ tomato or​ water lily bredie or​ stew .​
This is​ an​ all in​ one stew comprising of​ vegetables and​ mutton, with the​ juices from both, flavouring each other .​

Bunny chow (curry stuffed in​ a​ hollow out loaf of​ bread) and​ curries have become very popular because of​ the​ Indian influence and​ you can buy sweet, mild or​ hot curries, mostly serve with atjar (pickles) and​ blatjang .​
Blatjang is​ chutney, and​ served with EVERYTHING .​
All you have to​ do is​ cook local fruits with garlic, chilly peppers and​ onions to​ mention just a​ few ingredients.
Local vegetables and​ fruit play a​ very important role in​ the​ daily diet .​
Tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, mealies, green beans, sweet potatoes, spinach and​ pumpkin are the​ most loved by everyone .​
Sweet potato and​ pampoenkoekies (little pumpkin cookies, or​ fritters) are greatly loved dishes, served with cinnamon sugar or​ a​ sweet syrup .​
After your great main course, you have to​ enjoy desserts, snacks and​ drinks, but that will be discussed in​ the​ next article .​

To be a​ guest in​ a​ South African home is​ a​ great experience .​
They pride themselves on hospitality, making sure you are well fed, making you feel at​ home at​ all times and​ creating an​ everlasting experience you will never, ever forget.

South African Main Course Cuisine

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