Sony Ericsson S500i Martins Quick Review

Sony Ericsson S500i - Martin's Quick Review
For people on the go, the Sony Ericsson S500i is​ a​ very stylish mobile phone to​ stay in​ contact with family and friends .​
It comes in​ a​ choice of​ two colours – mysterious green and spring yellow .​
The useful and fun features have made it​ a​ popular choice.
The appeal of​ the phone begins with its design that is​ inspired by nature, including the internal patterns as​ well as​ the materials used to​ make the handset eye-catching .​
The phone slides open smoothly, revealing a​ sleek, flat keypad .​
The keypad is​ awkward to​ use for texting, though it​ has a​ strong visual style .​
The size of​ the Sony Ericsson S500i mobile phone makes it​ easy to​ carry in​ pocket or​ bag at​ 99 x 47 x 14 mm and 94 gm in​ weight .​
The screen on the phone is​ larger than most with a​ display of​ 262k colours and a​ resolution of​ 240 x 320 pixels .​
The screen is​ visible whether the slide is​ in​ the open or​ closed position, offering continuous viewing .​
Because of​ the larger size, viewing photographs and videos taken with the phone’s camera is​ easier on the eyes than with many other phones .​
It is​ also bright enough to​ be clearly visible in​ the bright outside light and displays the artwork and themes fabulously.
The camera itself is​ really nothing special at​ 2 megapixels .​
Some users find that the lack of​ a​ flash and auto focus are definite drawbacks while others find it​ is​ just fine for taking snaps and videos to​ send to​ friends and family .​
If the camera is​ a​ big concern, a​ different model of​ phone might better suit you .​
The S500i is​ not the top-of-the-line like the K810i in​ the Walkman line, but it​ does have plenty of​ gadgetry for a​ mid-range mobile phone .​
The music player is​ of​ good quality and allows you to​ use compatible headphones as​ well as​ a​ Bluetooth headset .​
The built-in memory is​ only 12 MB, which is​ rather small .​
Since it​ can only store a​ few songs, this is​ a​ big drawback for music lovers who want to​ take their music with them .​
Fortunately, it​ is​ possible to​ purchase a​ 1 GB memory card to​ expand the storage capacity .​
This lets you download plenty of​ music from your PC to​ you mobile phone with a​ USB connection .​
If you like games, the Sony Ericsson S500i has pre-installed 3D Java games and you can download more for your entertainment .​
Access to​ the Internet is​ fast and easy with Edge, so email, browsing the web and RSS feeds are readily available .​
When you travel abroad, there is​ no need to​ leave your S500i mobile phone at​ home since it​ is​ quad-band and has reception worldwide.
Though this phone has features that appeal to​ many people, one feature that gets a​ lot of​ attention is​ the light effects it​ displays down the sides of​ the phone during incoming calls .​
Add to​ this the animated wallpaper and the visual appeal of​ the phone is​ amplified .​
For the person who wants to​ stand out in​ a​ crowd, this stylishly fashionable phone will do the trick.

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