Sony Bravia Kdl 40w3000 Review

Sony Bravia KDL-40W3000 Review
The Sony Bravia KDL-40W3000 is​ a​ great piece of​ equipment and a​ beautiful HDTV .​
However, it​ would be an​ even better flat screen to​ purchase if​ they would lower its street price of​ $1999 .​
Its not a​ perfect HDTV but unlike some of​ the other models, it​ has very few flaws to​ distract from what it​ has to​ offer a​ consumer.
For the average viewer of​ this television, they will be hard pressed to​ notice that the image quality is​ not perfect .​
The onscreen pictures look fine and offers a​ good view and you would have to​ look directly and pay close attention to​ notice a​ dull quality that is​ sometimes visible.
In this Sony Bravia KDL-40W3000, they have saved room by joining the picture in​ picture and freeze frame buttons in​ one easy to​ access section .​
When you hit the freeze button you will immediately notice that the TV will freeze as​ the small PIP square presents itself .​
While you are looking at​ the picture in​ picture, the larger screen that you were previous viewing will freeze so that you will not miss any of​ the action while you attempt to​ take a​ quick glance at​ another channel.
The only downside to​ the picture in​ picture and freeze frame mode is​ that Sony neglected to​ add multiple tuners leaving you with no option in​ viewing two channels at​ once .​
However, they did include a​ jack to​ connect your headphones .​
This will make it​ easier for you to​ watch TV without disturbing other people in​ your household.
Most of​ us will not place our flat screens in​ high and hard to​ reach areas and the convenient location of​ the menu and control buttons means that you will no longer have to​ bend down to​ play with the controls .​
Unlike most models of​ flat screen, Sony has placed the controls on the top instead of​ the bottom and sides .​
Consumers who may have back problems can easily use the controls if​ they cannot find the remote right away.
A fatal flaw in​ the Sony Bravia KDL-40W3000 involves the remote control .​
The design of​ the remote is​ more visually pleasing than it​ is​ useful .​
You will not find a​ menu control and you will instead have to​ go through other options on the remote to​ reach that setting .​
You will find that a​ number of​ actions have to​ be performed before you can reach the desired control that you were searching for .​
It can also be confusing trying to​ scroll through the options as​ it​ is​ not always clear which way you should guide the buttons if​ you hope to​ proceed.
While the remote offers a​ lot of​ key issues when you first begin, it​ will become easier to​ use once you become accustomed to​ its design .​
After the initial setup and installation, you will not have a​ lot of​ use for the menu options, so its lack of​ a​ good position on the remote won’t be a​ problem for very long.
The use of​ the remote may offer some problems that will resolve themselves at​ a​ later time, but the actual remote itself may cause further problems for consumers .​
The remote control is​ extremely long due to​ its many buttons and this can lead to​ difficulty when you are trying to​ work the controls.
Overall, if​ you are not turned off by the problems with the remote, you will love the Sony Bravia and get a​ lot of​ use out of​ this great HDTV.

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