Some Small Kitchen Design Tips

Some Small Kitchen Design Tips

If you have a​ small kitchen to​ design then the problem of​ designing a​ great kitchen boils down to​ just what you can fit and where. There are many different cabinet designs and surface patterns that can help you provide your small kitchen design with a​ sense of​ space.

To create the small but efficient kitchen design, you need to​ work on three major areas of​ small kitchen design: storage, lighting, and appliances.

Small kitchens may seem to​ be a​ very difficult design challenge, but they can also be functional, beautiful and efficient. Even with a​ small budget and building restrictions, you can find that there are many options open to​ you to​ transform your kitchen into something more ideal for your needs.

To create a​ more spacious look for your small kitchen design the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) recommends designing more unique storage solutions, mixing natural and ambient lighting, taking advantage of​ more space saving appliances, and adding personalized touches.

A small kitchen design requires creativity in​ coming up with storage solutions. Some ideas to​ try include:

· Putting an​ island in​ the center of​ the kitchen that can provide freestanding storage that is​ also convenient from any spot in​ the kitchen.
· Using a​ galley kitchen design in​ which the cabinets and appliances line up on either side of​ a​ corridor can work out very well for a​ small kitchen space.
· Today's appliance manufacturers have come up with more compact space-saving appliances make small kitchen design easier, such as​ refrigerators that are 24 inches deep instead of​ 30 inches deep, as​ well as​ appliances that can be hung underneath cabinets like microwaves.
· Other small kitchen design tricks to​ create an​ eating area in​ the kitchen include using a​ drop table or​ a​ small sized round table with two small chairs that can be tucked into a​ corner. or​ a​ built-in counter along the wall with chairs to​ provide an​ eating nook.
· Another interesting challenge in​ small kitchen design is​ creating an​ illusion of​ space with under cabinet lighting or​ under the counter. With the proper type of​ lighting the kitchen can be made to​ appear larger and more pleasing.
· The use of​ light colored cabinets with glass doors.
· Installing deeper counters that can accommodate more appliances and increase work space.
· Flooring tiles can be placed on a​ diagonal, and in​ a​ galley style kitchen hardwood flooring can be run the length of​ the kitchen.
· For storage you can hang up pots and pans. This is​ a​ perfect way to​ free up cabinet space, and they add a​ certain charm and character to​ your small kitchen design. The insides of​ cabinet doors can be used to​ hang up everything from utensils, oven mitts, and other miscellaneous items. Pantry storage with units that go all the way to​ the ceiling with the upper cabinets to​ provide more space for seldom used items while making the lower cabinets more accessible with rollout shelves, lazy susans, and tilt-out bins.
· Install a​ large kitchen sink, since larger sinks are considered to​ be more practical than small sinks when it​ comes to​ cleaning pots and pans.

Remember most kitchens are small. When you look in​ kitchen design magazines you naturally notice that the kitchens featured are large and so you might think your small kitchen in​ inadequate. But good small kitchen design means being able to​ create space and incorporating ample storage facilities and being able to​ fit in​ all the necessary appliances.

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