Some Popular Repower Options For Your Favorite Equipment

Some Popular Repower Options For Your Favorite Equipment

Admit it. There are some pieces of​ equipment in​ your fleet that you just LIKE. it​ may be that old Toro Greensmaster that’s served you faithfully for​ years, or​ the​ Toro Sand Pro that everyone calls Ol’ Sandy. Greens equipment hasn’t changed much over the​ years – whether it’s mowers, rakes, or​ sand groomers, they were good to​ go when they started, and​ they still are. the​ only thing that HAS changed is​ the​ engine.

Today’s engines are quieter, more fuel efficient and​ far kinder to​ our environment. That environment part is​ important. in​ some states, fuel emissions are a​ growing concern – so much so that many have instituted regulations for​ the​ amount of​ emissions that can be sent into the​ air. Others have set up incentive programs that encourage industry to​ replace diesel and​ gas-powered equipment with new, lower-emission equipment. So when Ol’ Sandy starts coughing and​ sputtering when you start her up first thing in​ the​ morning, you may be tempted to​ replace the​ old girl with something sharp, trim and​ clean-burning, even though the​ price tag is​ staggering.

Don’t replace your engine – repower it.
There is​ another way, though – a​ way that lets you keep your old faithfuls and​ still have a​ more powerful, cleaner and​ quieter machine, with a​ price tag that can be as​ much as​ 90% less expensive. That option is​ to​ repower rather than replace.

Repower, according to​ one government source, means to​ replace an​ old engine with a​ new engine, a​ used engine, a​ remanufactured engine, or​ electric motors, drives, or​ fuel cells. it​ only makes sense – after all, why throw the​ baby out with the​ bathwater? Ol’ Sandy’s engine may be wearing out, but the​ rest of​ her is​ still going strong. Why junk the​ old girl when you can give her a​ new motor and​ have her running good as​ new?

A Kohler repower kit includes everything you need to​ get your dependable Toro equipment working better than new. Depending on where you get the​ kit, you can replace the​ original 14 hp motor with an​ 18 hp motor that works harder, quieter, cleaner and​ for​ about 20% the​ cost of​ buying new.

On top of​ that, you’ll get a​ full two year warranty on your new engine. and​ if​ your state has an​ Emission Reduction program, you may actually be able to​ be reimbursed for​ all or​ part of​ the​ cost of​ repowering your equipment with a​ cleaner engine. Check your state’s web site for​ local information, but in​ most states around the​ U.S., if​ the​ new engine significantly reduces the​ NOX emissions, you may qualify for​ grant money to​ repower with a​ new Kohler engine.

A Kohler Engine is​ an​ original Toro part.
Repower engines from Kohler are specially designed to​ replace the​ OEM engine that your machine came with. in​ addition to​ the​ motor, you’ll get all the​ fittings, bolts and​ Toro parts you need to​ fit the​ new engine into your Toro machine.

So if​ your old, dependable sand groomer, rake, lawnmower, tractor or​ utility vehicles are becoming less and​ less dependable, take a​ serious look at​ the​ option of​ replacing the​ old, tired engine with a​ spanking new repowered kohler engines. You won’t be sorry.

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