Some Basic Tips On Using Your Camera

Some Basic Tips On Using Your Camera

Some Basic Tips On Using Your Camera
It's true that taking photos is​ as​ simple as​ running out and​ grabbing a​ cheap five dollar camera .​
But taking good, quality photos has never been easier .​
So lets explore some quick ideas that can help you take photos that you will be happy to​ share with friends and​ family .​
Photography as​ an​ art has never been more exciting or​ enjoyable .​
Todays photography enthusiast has many styles, topics, and​ tools open to​ them .​
Plus, the​ blending of​ digital with print makes the​ craft of​ taking photos very versatile .​
Here are four tips to​ help .​
1 .​
Get a​ little closer, don't be shy .​
One of​ the​ biggest mistakes most beginning photographers make is​ shooting from so far away .​
They leave too much distance between themselves and​ their subjects .​
Instead, get up close and​ personal .​
Fill up as​ much of​ the​ camera frame, with your subject, as​ you can .​
You can always reshape, trim, and​ resize a​ good quality shot .​
But you can't continue to​ blow up a​ distant subject and​ hope that it​ will come into focus .​
It just won't happen .​
2 .​
This tip springs directly from #1(above).. .​
focus your shot on only one subject .​
Determine what the​ main subject of​ the​ photo will be, and​ catch that image .​
Try and​ find the​ one key subject, person, or​ event that accurately portrays the​ feeling you are trying to​ capture .​
3 .​
In addition to​ getting one subject, in​ your photos, you will want to​ make the​ background of​ the​ photo as​ simple as​ possible .​
Busy, distracting backgrounds pull the​ attention away from the​ central theme of​ your photo .​
The subject of​ your photo is​ absolutely the​ most important element, and​ anything that detracts from the​ subject can ruin your shot .​
4 .​
Finally, you want to​ take your subject out of​ the​ exact center of​ the​ frame .​
You do this by using the​ rule of​ thirds .​
Imagine having a​ camera lens split into 9 equal sized boxes, 3 across and​ 3 down (like having a​ tic-tac-toe game printed right on your camera lens) .​
Where those tic-tac-toe lines cross, should become the​ focusing point of​ your subject, when you are arranging to​ take your photo .​
Based on this tip, every time you compose a​ shot, the​ main subject of​ your photo should be located primarily on one of​ these third lines.
These are just four very basic tips and​ strategies to​ help improve your photos .​
As you know, photography skills can always be improved .​
In fact, most professional photographers exhibit a​ life long passion for​ learning new techniques, photography angles, and​ photo inspirations.

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