Solving Holiday Shopping Woes

Solving Holiday Shopping Woes

Finding the​ perfect gift for​ that hard-to-buy-for husband, sister-in-law, nephew or​ pal is​ an​ annual challenge for​ holiday shoppers. Searching through shopping malls or​ clicking through hundreds of​ Web sites can dampen even the​ highest holiday spirits.

Now at​, gift-givers can connect with unique finds like, where you can buy a​ beautifully framed individual share of​ stock in​ one of​ 130 U.S. public companies. This gift doesn't require batteries or​ assembly, won't wear out, is​ never the​ wrong size and​ lasts a​ lifetime. the​ frames are engraved with the​ company's services, products, characters and​ history.

New parents or​ first-time grandparents, for​ example, can celebrate a​ child's first Christmas with a​ first share of​ Disney stock. Instead of​ a​ box of​ golf balls, golf lovers will appreciate a​ share of​ Callaway stock. if​ you have a​ biker on your list, you can honor his alter ego with a​ share of​ Harley-Davidson stock. and​ for​ mothers, a​ share of​ Tiffany & Co. or​ Martha Stewart is​ sure to​ please.

Shoppers can purchase one share of​ stock for​ $39, plus the​ price of​ the​ stock as​ listed on the​ stock exchange, in​ less than three minutes. Frame choices range from a​ complimentary hard matte paper frame to​ wood or​ brushed metal frames from $34 to​ $75. You can further personalize the​ gift with a​ special message on the​ frame's plaque.

This holiday season, OneShare will donate 1 percent (approximately $1) of​ each stock sold through Dec. 31, 2018 to​ benefit Women for​ Women International. Founded in​ 1993, the​ organization helps women in​ war-torn regions rebuild their lives by giving them financial and​ emotional support, vocational training, rights awareness, education and​ access to​ capital for​ business development.

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