Solution To Breast Cancer

Solution To Breast Cancer

How long should a​ patient take tamoxifen for​ the​ treatment of​ breast cancer?

Patients with advanced breast cancer may take tamoxifen for​ varying lengths of​ time, depending on their response to​ this treatment and​ other factors. When used as​ adjuvant therapy for​ early stage breast cancer, tamoxifen is​ generally prescribed for​ 5 years. However, the​ ideal length of​ treatment with tamoxifen is​ not known.

How Often Should I Take Tamoxifen?

Two studies have confirmed the​ benefit of​ taking adjuvant tamoxifen daily for​ 5 years. These studies compared 5 years of​ treatment with tamoxifen with 10 years of​ treatment. When taken for​ 5 years, the​ drug reduces the​ risk of​ recurrence of​ the​ original breast cancer and​ also reduces the​ risk of​ developing a​ second primary cancer in​ the​ other breast. Taking tamoxifen for​ longer than 5 years is​ not more effective than 5 years of​ therapy.

What is​ Tamoxifen

Tamoxifen is​ an​ oral selective estrogen receptor modulator which is​ used in​ breast cancer treatment, and​ is​ currently the​ world's largest selling breast cancer treatment. it​ is​ used for​ the​ treatment of​ early and​ advanced breast cancer in​ pre- and​ post-menopausal women. it​ is​ also approved by the​ FDA for​ the​ reduction of​ the​ incidence of​ breast cancer in​ women at​ high risk of​ developing the​ disease. it​ has been further approved for​ the​ reduction of​ contralateral (in the​ opposite breast) breast cancer.

Tamoxifen and​ Cancer

Tamoxifen is​ used to​ reduce the​ risk of​ breast cancer for​ women who:

1. are at​ high risk of​ breast cancer but have no personal history of​ the​ disease
2. have non-invasive, hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer, or​ DCIS (ductal carcinoma in​ situ)
3. have hormone-receptor-positive invasive breast cancer at​ any stage.

Tamoxifen is​ sometimes used to​ treat gynecomastia in​ men. Tamoxifen is​ also used by bodybuilders in​ a​ steroid cycle to​ try and​ prevent or​ reduce drug-induced gynecomastia caused by steroids that are used in​ the​ same cycle.

Tamoxifen is​ also used to​ treat infertility in​ women with anovulatory disorders. a​ dose of​ 10-40 mg per day is​ administered in​ days 3-7 of​ a​ woman's cycle.

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