Solitaire Game Guide

Solitaire Game Guide

Solitaire Game Guide
Despite what you may think, solitaire isn't actually one specific game.. .​
it's actually an​ entire category of​ different games .​
Solitaire is​ actually any card game that you play on your own .​
The game called Solitaire that Microsoft ships with windows is​ actually a​ type of​ solitaire game, called Klondike.
There are hundreds of​ other solitaire games as​ well though .​
Another favourite is​ Freecell, which Microsoft also ships .​
Other popular solitaire games, include Spider, Pyramid, and Tri Peaks.
Each solitaire game has different rules, different ways to​ win, and different styles.
Some solitaire games, like Klondike, don't show you all the cards at​ the start .​
a​ mixture of​ luck and skill is​ needed to​ win the game.
Other games, like Freecell, have all the cards visible, right from the very start of​ the game .​
This means that the game is​ totally under the users control.. .​
there is​ no luck involved at​ all, and if​ the user can think things through deeply enough, then they are VERY likely to​ win.( Of the 32,000 deals available in​ Microsofts Freecell, only one, deal number 11982, is​ unsolveable)
Some games are really hard to​ win, and require a​ lot of​ though .​
4 Suit spider is​ one of​ these hard games, and completing a​ game normally takes atleast half an​ hour of​ solid thinking .​
Other games are either quite easy( like most deals in​ Freecell), or​ don't require much (if any) thought, like Clock.
Some games have distinctive and attractive card layouts .​
Pyramid has all the cards in​ a​ big pyramid shape, and the player must remove cards from the bottom layers until they can reach the top .​
La Belle Lucie starts the game with 18 fans, which all grow and shrink as​ the game goes on .​
(La Belle Lucie looks particularly attractive on a​ solitaire game supporting rotated cards)
Some solitaire games were played regularly by important historical figures .​
George Washington and Napoleon were waid to​ play Napoleon at​ Elba island, with claims that it​ helped them to​ think in​ times of​ stress.
All solitaire games help you to​ think, and improve your concentration and memory- and yet they are still relaxing and fun.. .​
a​ much better way to​ unwind than watching TV!
No matter who you are, or​ what mood you're in, there is​ a​ type of​ Solitaire game that you will find fun to​ play right now .​
I​ encourage you to​ try out a​ solitaire game package, and discover for yourself all the great fun available in​ the solitaire universe.

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