Social Networking On Myspace And Friendster

Social Networking On Myspace And Friendster

If by now you have not heard of​ Mspace or​ Friendster then maybe the​ world is​ moving too slowly for​ you. Young adults (teens and​ college age adults) are using the​ world of​ the​ internet to​ communicate in​ ways we had no inkling of​ a​ few years ago.

Social networking is​ booming as​ young adults find one another online to​ chat, post comments, post photos, and​ share info about the​ latest happenings in​ their world to​ their Myspace pages and​ Friendster networking sites. it​ is​ not always a​ good thing for​ sure, but more on that later on.

So how does it​ work? Well some genius thought up the​ concept of​ Myspace, which is​ basically a​ free bulletin board for​ anyone (not just teens) to​ create a​ web site that is​ all about networking and​ communicating with friends and​ creating new friends too. Users create a​ free account, enter information about themselves, in​ as​ much or​ little detail as​ they want. They then share their site with their friends. Their friends can then post comments on the​ myspace. it​ becomes a​ great big bulletin board of​ social interaction. the​ kids are glued to​ these things and​ seem to​ know how to​ find one another and​ chase down the​ latest hot info in​ a​ heartbeat.

So what does this mean to​ communication in​ the​ Internet age for​ teens and​ young adults? it​ puts a​ fancier face on the​ outpouring of​ information exchange between teens.

It used to​ be that only the​ geeky teens had web pages about themselves. They were the​ only ones who knew how to​ build them. Now with these easy to​ use tools at​ their disposal every teen or​ young adult can have a​ site. That means connections and​ networking spreads very fast.

The sharing aspect of​ these sites are not only their good side but also their bad side as​ well. in​ the​ last year many schools and​ parents have become alarmed at​ the​ content of​ some of​ these Myspace sites that students have built. in​ typical teen fashion some kids say on their site what probably should not be said in​ public. They post as​ though it​ were a​ diary and​ then it​ gets spread around. That means that hate and​ meanness spread within the​ community quickly. Some schools have cracked down and​ told students they would be expelled if​ they do not clean up their sites. Parents, just finding out about the​ technology and​ checking it​ out for​ the​ first time become alarmed at​ the​ things that are said on these postings.

Of course that aspect comes back to​ the​ old thing of​ parents needing to​ be in​ tune with their kids and​ what is​ going on in​ their world. You cannot give a​ kid a​ computer and​ internet access and​ then walk away and​ not pay any attention.

The other thing that has raised alarm in​ this world of​ social networking is​ kids will post news of​ a​ party in​ their area, to​ their site. Instead of​ getting to​ "just" their friends it​ ends up spreading to​ the​ whole area. Homes have been overrun by crowds of​ kids trying to​ attend parties. One such event even ended with a​ fatal stabbing when the​ crowd got to​ big and​ unruly.

Now these are the​ type of​ things that can happen with or​ without such social networking sites in​ teens lives. These sites are not going to​ fade away. Myspace has over 60 million subscribers and​ was recently bought by a​ major corporation. They intend to​ make a​ lot of​ money off these sites for​ years to​ come. After all it​ is​ a​ very juicy target market for​ advertising revenue.

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