So You Want To Start A Web Hosting Company

So You Want To Start A Web Hosting Company

Rather than use the​ services of​ a​ web hosting company to​ host your web site you could start your own web hosting company. if​ your business is​ successful this could provide secondary income and​ lower the​ hosting costs for​ your own site(s).

Basically, there are two ways to​ start selling web hosting. the​ first way involves leasing business space, buying equipment, setting up servers, leasing T1 or​ T3 lines to​ connect to​ the​ Internet, finding clients, and​ hiring staff to​ provide 24 hour support. Quite complicated and​ not recommended for​ anyone without the​ technical know-how.

The second way is​ to​ become a​ re-seller for​ an​ established host. for​ a​ monthly fee you can have an​ allotment of​ disk space and​ bandwidth which can be used to​ sell to​ other people. Re-selling is​ usually anonymous – there is​ no visible connection to​ the​ parent host and​ you are free to​ set your own prices and​ develop your own 'brand'.

All that is​ needed to​ become a​ re-seller is​ the​ ability to​ pay the​ monthly fee. All the​ technical details are handled by the​ parent company. the​ re-seller package usually includes everything – even name servers under your own name. All you have to​ do is​ to​ sign up customers and​ watch the​ money roll in. Easy – right?

Signing up customers, though, may not be as​ easy as​ you imagine. There are literally thousands of​ hosting companies competing for​ customers, and​ making your web hosting business stand out from the​ crowd is​ no mean feat. Just think about the​ process you went through in​ choosing your own web host. You probably visited several hosting web sites, maybe asked for​ personal references from your friends or​ business acquaintances, and​ then after narrowing down your choices, perhaps did more in-depth research on each of​ the​ companies. or​ perhaps you just signed up with the​ first host you saw.

So, in​ order for​ your own hosting company to​ be successful it​ has to​ build up a​ good reputation or​ be easy to​ find. Advertising can make your company more visible, but advertising is​ expensive – especially in​ a​ competitive market like web hosting.

A re-seller account, however, may be ideal for​ certain situations. if​ you already have several websites of​ your own, your monthly costs may be similar to​ a​ re-selling account. for​ the​ same amount of​ money you could switch all your accounts to​ your own hosting company. Sign up a​ few friends or​ associates and​ you are ahead of​ the​ game.

If this sounds attractive, make sure you are going with a​ reputable hosting company. You will be entirely dependent on them for​ technical support. This relieves you of​ many of​ the​ headaches of​ running a​ hosting company but you are still responsible to​ your clients if​ their sites go down.

There are many types of​ re-seller packages. Some require you to​ operate under the​ name of​ the​ hosting company while others allow you to​ set up a​ shop under your own business name. Pay attention to​ the​ billing aspect of​ the​ package. Some re-seller accounts have everything you need to​ get started immediately, while others require you to​ set up your own billing gateway.

So You Want To Start A Web Hosting Company

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