So You Want To Publish A Community Magazine

So You Want To Publish A Community Magazine

So you've made the​ decision to​ publish your own community magazine, but what now? Where do you go for​ advice, information and​ above all, inspiration?

Despite its growing popularity, the​ business of​ publishing local community magazines is​ not covered to​ any great extent on the​ internet and​ there are very few web sites where you can get informal advice and​ communicate with like-minded people. Unlike normal publishing, the​ business of​ publishing local community magazines is​ very often the​ domain of​ individuals working alone for​ much of​ the​ time, and​ it​ can become a​ solitary existence.

Basically, there are two types of​ local community magazines favoured by aspiring local publishers. the​ first comprises booklets, usually in​ A5 size, containing local trade and​ business advertisements, and​ this type of​ magazine is​ generally distributed around your local area free of​ charge, with income being made from advertising revenue alone.

There are several franchise opportunities available for​ this type of​ community magazine which can prove to​ be a​ great way to​ get started as​ almost everything you will require is​ included in​ the​ package, including software, advertisement templates and​ on-going support. the​ drawback to​ this type of​ opportunity is​ the​ initial cost of​ your investment, which can be as​ high as​ several thousand pounds. a​ number of​ companies now offer local community magazine publishing franchises and​ a​ search on the​ internet will enable you to​ obtain further information from those readily available.

The second type of​ local community magazine offers a​ much more personal reflection on your community, comprising the​ recollections of​ local people and​ a​ study of​ your town’s local history, which are compiled into a​ saleable product. it​ is​ unlikely that you will find a​ franchise opportunity available for​ this type of​ magazine and​ if​ you decide to​ go along this path then much of​ the​ groundwork will have to​ be done by yourself. However, in​ terms of​ overall interest, this type of​ magazine will offer much more appeal to​ your readers.

Establishing a​ local community magazine featuring the​ recollections of​ people from within your home community along with studies of​ your town's local history can be accomplished with very little financial investment. it​ is​ possible to​ begin printing your magazines from home using a​ suitable laser printer until you have established a​ circulation sufficient to​ meet the​ cost of​ commercial printing. Even if​ you opt for​ commercial printing from the​ outset your initial investment could be relatively small.

The main difference between these two very different types of​ magazines is​ that one is​ distributed free of​ charge, while the​ second has to​ be marketed and​ sold, although as​ we have already learned, the​ second type of​ magazine produces a​ very saleable product.

A magazine based primarily on local advertising can be highly lucrative but the​ competition can be intense as​ there are already a​ large number of​ similar publications in​ circulation and​ you may well find yourself competing against large-scale organisations. On the​ other hand, a​ magazine featuring personal recollections will generally have very little, if​ any, competition.

Whichever option you choose there is​ a​ fair amount of​ work to​ be done in​ order to​ become established. You must either contact local businesses and​ sell your advertising space or​ you must obtain interesting accounts of​ your town for​ publication. as​ always, getting started is​ the​ most difficult part.

In terms of​ appeal among your intended audience, the​ more personal community magazine is​ easily the​ better option and​ can soon generate sufficient interest to​ ensure that once you have obtained content to​ begin publishing, additional content will be submitted directly to​ you by your readers.

It must be borne in​ mind that a​ magazine based on advertising can also incorporate features providing local interest, and​ in​ much the​ same way, a​ magazine featuring personal recollections can include local trade and​ business advertising as​ a​ source of​ supplementary income.

Publishing local community magazines can either be simply a​ business or​ a​ very enjoyable and​ extremely satisfying business - but that is​ for​ you to​ decide.

So You Want To Publish A Community Magazine

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