So You Are Unemployed And Want To Become A Real Estate Investor Right

So You Are Unemployed And Want To Become A Real Estate Investor Right Now

So You are Unemployed and​ Want to​ Become a​ Real Estate Investor Right Now
These techniques should work in​ any country, city or​ area .​
The trick is​ to​ simply find the​ real deals .​
Let me tell you the​ quickest way you could start making money in​ real estate right away.
Call all the​ We buy houses classified ads and​ signs you see around your area and​ tell them that you are unemployed and​ would like to​ bird dog for​ them .​
Ask them for​ $100 when they sign contract to​ buy from seller and​ $400 more when they close ($500 is​ pretty typical amount) .​
Ask them to​ let you go with them when they go see the​ property so you can get some experience .​
Also try to​ join you local investor group, in​ most cities they are $20 or​ less for​ each monthly meeting (it’s a​ bargain) .​
Go visit your local section 8 housing office and​ ask for​ the​ list of​ landlords and​ contact some of​ the​ ones who deal in​ single family houses.
Also, go around and​ start looking for​ empty houses .​
Call real estate agents and​ tell them you are looking for​ investment properties .​
If you have lined up 5 or​ more investor buyers and​ you find a​ real deal one of​ them will snatch it​ up and​ pay you a​ bird dog fee .​
While you are out look for​ home for​ rent signs, call them, ask them if​ they buy houses, if​ yes get their phone, fax, email etc and​ send them deals too .​
If they don’t find out if​ they are looking to​ sell their rental homes .​
You will be able to​ find owner financed deals this way.
Shortly you will be able to​ know what properties to​ get under contract yourself and​ move up to​ wholesaling where you will make $2000-10,000 per deal instead of​ $500 .​
It just keeps getting better from there.
If you are aggressive and​ get out and​ look for​ properties today, you could be making a​ few hundred dollars a​ week by next week, a​ thousand dollars a​ week within a​ month, and​ $10,000 plus per month within 6 months .​
These techniques work but they require work .​
Interestingly enough you could do a​ lot of​ this work from a​ bicycle if​ you had no car (but maybe not in​ Canada during the​ winter).
None of​ these techniques require cash or​ credit and​ will get you started in​ real estate investing right away.

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