So Little Time, So Many Cameras

So Little Time, So Many Cameras

So Many Cameras, So Little Time
Without the​ camera there is​ no film, no movie to​ make .​
if​ you start making film on a​ regular basis you will learn to​ capture image with a​ number of​ different cameras .​
You will have your favorite but there will be many different ones that you have to​ hold .​
At a​ certain point using film became all but obsolete and​ digital took over .​
the​ introduction of​ the​ digital camera made capturing image infinitely easier.
Film cameras are good to​ work with in​ the​ beginning because they teach you how to​ use a​ lens .​
You learn about depth of​ field and​ how so push and​ pull focus plus a​ variety of​ other things that you will use when directing the​ camera .​
I​ like to​ think of​ using actual film as​ more organic .​
the​ image is​ a​ bit hazy and​ lacks that artificial crispness that a​ digital image can have .​
However there is​ no denying that digital is​ immediately gratifying.
In the​ beginning digital was no match for​ film, but the​ technicians tweaked it​ until they developed cameras that are amazing .​
Film has been relegated to​ high art and​ now we have no second thoughts about shooting in​ digital over film .​
the​ costs of​ processing are totally absent when you use digital to​ shoot .​
Getting your film developed was so expensive that in​ many cases it​ was prohibitive, but now there are completely acceptable digital cameras in​ a​ variety of​ cost ranges .​

Find a​ digital video camera and​ a​ tripod to​ work with .​
You will need a​ tripod with fairly thick legs for​ sturdiness and​ a​ good fluid head for​ panning .​
Also before you buy your tripod, make sure that the​ camera releases from the​ tripod easily and​ quickly .​
You will want a​ camera that has a​ good battery system for​ remote shooting .​

There are, any number of​ great digital cameras out there .​
You should be able to​ find a​ decent camera to​ shoot action between $500-$800 .​
if​ you can manage to​ scrape together $1,000 a​ good camera is​ the​ Samsung VP X220L camcorder with wired external lens .​
This camera has a​ neat compact body and​ it​ is​ very durable .​
a​ testament to​ this fact is​ that this camera was used in​ the​ Jack Ass show.
Do some product research, buy your camera and​ start shooting .​
Handle your camera so you know just how to​ pan and​ focus with the​ equipment you will be using .​
Play it​ back and​ see how it​ handles different lighting levels and​ shutter speeds .​
Check out how it​ focuses automatically and​ practice a​ bit of​ manual focusing.
I suggest that you start carrying a​ camera and​ building an​ image bank .​
An image bank will give you basic generic images that you will need to​ use as​ cutaways and​ various other functions in​ your film .​
Learn to​ look at​ things through the​ lens .​
Direct and​ build different scenes in​ the​ frame and​ shoot them in​ still photography first .​
Before you start production of​ the​ actual film, practice shooting with your new camera .​
You can shoot your crew and​ the​ talent .​
Shoot anything that moves until you get it​ down .​

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