Smoosh Gig Review

Smoosh Gig Review

Smoosh Gig Review
After finally breaking down Friday morning on my way to​ Bio lecture, I ​ decided it​ was about time I ​ went to​ the Student Health Center where I ​ was diagnosed with a​ sinus infection and bronchitis, and they loaded me up with about 5 different prescriptions.
I took my medicine, started feelin’ pretty happy, and then hopped in​ ye olde Jeep and made a​ run for St. Louis in​ order to​ escape the horror that is​ parents roaming the hallways of​ Cramer Hall here on Parents’ Weekend at​ Mizzou.
We left town around 5 and made it​ into St. Louis around 7, ate at​ Bread Co. Panera everywhere else and then walked back down to​ The Pageant to​ see Smoosh, Final Fantasy, and Bloc Party perform.
The ticket said 800, which I ​ assumed to​ be the door time, but when we got there, Smoosh was already a​ ways into their set. While they are nothing fantastic, for a​ couple of​ 12 and 14 year old girls from Seattle on synth, drums, and xylophone, they were pretty okay. Actually, maybe they were more than okay, but my appreciation of​ them was overshadowed by my jealousy… who on Earth could ever dream of​ opening for bands like Pearl Jam, Bloc Party, The Go! Team, Cat Power, Mates of​ State, among others, when you are only 12… that is​ straight up insanity. I ​ must give them credit for being badasses… Asya the keyboardist evidently rocked so hard that she bled all over her keyboard and kind of​ grossed out Final Fantasy.
Cranking ‘em through like pros, Smoosh finished their set at​ around 830 and cleared the way for Final Fantasy a. k. a. Owen Pallett to​ take the stage. Now, while Owen Pallett may not necessarily ring a​ bell, I’m hoping everyone knows of​ Arcade Fire by now, yes? Well, simply, Owen is​ the violinist for Arcade Fire.
And he is​ crazy talented. And kind of​ a​ cutie. But also he is​ gay, unfortunately for me.
He was set up stage right, and I ​ was down in​ front at​ stage right, so I ​ don’t have any pictures of​ him. . but just imagine a​ cute little guy up there with his violin, singing while an artist created some of​ the most amazing picture stories on an overhead in​ the middle of​ the stage.
He played eight songs with the artist one for each of​ Final Fantasy’s 8 Schools of​ Magic and a​ few more just by himself.

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