Smart Wedding Planning A Quick Guide To Saving Money On Your Wedding Day

Smart Wedding Planning A Quick Guide To Saving Money On Your Wedding Day

If you've begun to​ research reception venues,​ photographers,​ and other "high-ticket" items on​ your wedding to-do list,​ you've undoubtedly experienced a​ good case of​ sticker shock by now. You may find yourself thinking: "How can they get away with charging this much?!!"

It's a​ fact. the​ wedding industry is​ huge,​ and anything with the​ word "wedding" attached to​ it​ is​ likely to​ mean "expensive".

So is​ it​ feasible to​ hire a​ photographer who doesn't necessarily focus on​ weddings,​ or​ a​ band that wouldn't be found in​ your local bridal magazine? Absolutely!

To get started on​ this road less traveled,​ begin by asking recently-wed family,​ friends or​ colleagues for any good wedding leads. Perhaps they'll know of​ a​ fabulous bakery that was less expensive than all the​ larger ones in​ the​ area. or​ an​ art student who just graduated from college and is​ looking for work as​ a​ calligrapher. Maybe there's a​ friend of​ a​ friend who's an​ aspiring photographer and would be able to​ capture fantastic wedding photos for you on​ your big day.

Next,​ move your research online and check out the​ local wedding chat boards in​ your area at​ and Look for posts like "Rave Reviews" and "Highly Recommended" - and be sure to​ also take note of​ any vendors that received negative reviews from other brides and grooms. Another excellent free resource is​ Musicians,​ photographers and other artists post their services regularly here in​ areas across the​ country. if​ you see a​ post that catches your eye,​ just send a​ quick email to​ the​ poster to​ get more information,​ or​ submit your own ad describing exactly what you're looking for.

Finally,​ head to​ or​ your local book store and buy at​ least one good wedding planning book. This will be your trusty reference book and will help you know just which questions to​ ask,​ so that you can make an​ informed decision about a​ particular wedding vendor. For example,​ knowing the​ various costs that are typically associated with catering will allow you to​ ask for only the​ items you NEED,​ and avoid paying for anything you don't. in​ fact,​ knowing a​ bit about each type of​ wedding service vendor - caterers,​ musicians,​ DJs,​ etc. - will actually help save you money no matter which vendors you talk to,​ "professional" or​ not.

With a​ little outside the​ box thinking and basic knowledge about the​ "biz",​ you're on​ your way to​ pulling together a​ fantastic wedding day that may just cost you less than you think!

Smart Wedding Planning A Quick Guide To Saving Money On Your Wedding Day

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