Smart Grocery Shopping Strategies

Smart Grocery Shopping Strategies

Smart Grocery Shopping Strategies
Grocery shopping is​ a​ chore most of​ us dread .​
It can be especially frustrating once you get home and​ realize you forgot to​ get an​ item or​ you neglected to​ give the​ clerk your coupon for​ that great buy one get one for​ free deal .​
You organize every other aspect of​ your life, so focus that organizational discipline towards your grocery shopping efforts as​ well .​
Start by planning your shopping trips .​
In order to​ make a​ list of​ what you'll need for​ meals that week, you'll also need to​ get into the​ habit of​ planning your meals out each week .​
Choose a​ day of​ the​ week to​ do your shopping and​ stick to​ it .​
if​ you do your grocery shopping on Wednesdays when the​ ads break, be sure your menu planning is​ completed on Tuesday .​
Once you've completed your menu, you can construct your shopping list .​

It's also important to​ take a​ current inventory of​ your pantry and​ cupboards, and​ add any staples that are running low .​
It's easy to​ forget that you used the​ last can of​ mushroom soup in​ that new recipe you tried, so make sure you have a​ couple of​ other cans on hand when you make it​ again .​

Keep a​ shopping list posted to​ your bulletin board or​ refrigerator, and​ be sure each family member knows where it​ is​ located .​
That way they can easily add an​ item to​ the​ list that is​ almost gone or​ request a​ favorite item on the​ next trip .​
There are printable grocery shopping lists on the​ internet, but you might want to​ consider devising one of​ your own and​ saving it​ on your computer so it​ can easily be printed each week .​
Leave room on your list to​ flag yourself about which items are listed for​ sale and​ which ones you have coupons for​ .​
Make sure your coupons are organized and​ in​ order and​ that you have a​ copy of​ the​ current ad in​ case there are any discrepancies once you get there .​
Come armed with calculator in​ hand to​ avoid suffering from sticker shock at​ the​ checkout register .​

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