Small Engine Rebuild Kits Saving Money With A Kohler Repower Kit

Small Engine Rebuild Kits Saving Money With A Kohler Repower Kit

Golf course equipment upkeep is​ a​ chore but a​ necessary part of​ keeping any golf course in​ premier shape. Maintaining the​ carts,​ mowers and trucks used on​ any private or​ public course can help ensure that they run to​ their optimum potential and that they last for several years. However,​ situations do arise when the​ engine in​ one of​ these pieces stops performing at​ its best or​ goes out all together. in​ that situation,​ buying a​ new engine to​ replace it​ may seem like the​ best option. in​ many cases,​ however,​ it​ is​ not. Many small engines used in​ golf course equipment can be replaced with repowered Kohler or​ Briggs Stratton small engines. By using a​ repower kit,​ you can restore you mower,​ hauler or​ truckster to​ a​ more powerful,​ cleaner and quieter machine at​ a​ much more reasonable price.

Repower is​ the​ term used to​ describe replacing an​ old engine with a​ new engine,​ a​ used engine,​ a​ remanufactured engine,​ or​ electric motors,​ drives,​ or​ fuel cells. it​ essentially is​ an​ engine heart transplant for your equipment. a​ complete Kohler repower kit,​ for example,​ includes all the​ fittings,​ bolts and Toro parts you need to​ replace the​ engine in​ a​ Toro product with a​ new,​ improved Kohler small engine. the​ benefit of​ repowering is​ simple – replacing a​ poorly performing small engine with a​ repower kit can be as​ much as​ 90% less expensive than replacing the​ entire piece of​ equipment.

Depending on​ where you get the​ kit,​ you can replace the​ original 14 horse power motor with an​ 18 horse power motor that works harder,​ quieter,​ cleaner and for about 20 percent the​ cost of​ buying new. On top of​ that,​ the​ quality rebuild kits come with a​ full two year warranty on​ your new engine. And if​ your state has an​ Emission Reduction program,​ you may actually be able to​ be reimbursed for all or​ part of​ the​ cost of​ repowering your equipment with a​ cleaner engine. Check your state’s web site for local information,​ but in​ most states around the​ U.S.,​ if​ the​ new engine significantly reduces the​ NOX emissions,​ you may qualify for grant money to​ repower with a​ new Kohler engine.

Golf course equipment use small engines,​ which are relatively simple to​ build and maintain,​ making them perfect for repowering. a​ recent improvement to​ small engine mower technology is​ the​ addition of​ gasoline engines with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) systems. it​ helps with fuel economy in​ traditional carbureted engines. This technology has been used by Kohler small engines - the​ savings you get when using Kohler engines that enable EFI technology is​ significant. For every $3.00 gallon of​ gasoline used in​ a​ mower,​ EFI technology will make it​ efficient enough to​ actually save $0.75.

Saving money and getting a​ superior engine are solid reasons to​ consider repowering the​ small engine in​ your Toro golf course equipment. Talk to​ an​ expert or​ read reviews online if​ you are looking to​ improve the​ performance of​ your course’s maintenance equipment.

~Ben Anton,​ 2008

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