Small Company Rock The Networking Industry

Small Company Rock The Networking Industry

Small Company Rock the​ Networking Industry
The cell phone has become an​ integral and, for​ some, essential communications tool that has helped owners gain help in​ emergencies .​
Worldwide sales of​ cell phones showed strong growth .​
Africa has seen faster growth in​ mobile telephone subscriptions than any other region of​ the​ world over the​ last five years .​
In 2004, worldwide mobile phone shipments saw their strongest year-to-year increase in​ history, rising 34% from 2003 to​ 2004 with 692 million units shipped in​ a​ massive expansion driven by the​ demand for​ color displays and​ camera phones throughout the​ world .​
The camera-enabled cellular phone market is​ booming, as​ shipments are expected to​ reach nearly 1 billion units by the​ end of​ this decade, according to​ a​ new report .​
There are professional charts that say there are 2.28 BILLION PHONES being used out there...
It seems that cell phone manufacturers have just realized a​ potential untapped market with cell phones for​ kids .​
The i-Kids mobile can track your child's location with an​ accuracy up to​ 5 meters via satellite .​
The gadget also has built-in cellular functions including the​ ability to​ dial four preprogrammed numbers and​ the​ GPS function even works when the​ device is​ shut down .​
But, have you ever had your cell phone go dead on you when you really need to​ use it? So, everyone needs one portable Cell Phone Charger.

In this field, a​ small company named aaTCM Inc .​
is​ breaking the​ record for​ the​ fastest company .​
Charger and​ within 10 days negotiated a​ WORLD-WIDE Exclusive, opened a​ software tracking system, assembled a​ Billion Dollar Management Team, designed the​ MOST POWERFUL Marketing plan in​ the​ World, Purchased every available product Voxred had in​ inventory, and​ committed to​ 8.9 Million Dollar Purchase Order over the​ next weeks…Over 2 million dollars in​ sales in​ just 12 business days and​ with currently over 40,000 demonstrators .​
Join is​ FREE .​
The chargers are for​ emergency use .​
Not a​ permanent substitute for​ a​ wall or​ car charger .​
The aaTurbo Charger will allow up to​ 2 hours talk time when plugged in​ to​ a​ phone with a​ dying (dead) battery .​
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