Sm Saving Money On Clothes

Sm Saving Money On Clothes

High-low Numbers: Tips on​ Saving Money on​ Clothes
Are you craving for the​ newest designer clothes,​ a​ pretty tank top,​ and that pretty dress? All this fashion comes at​ a​ price — you choose.
Buying clothes these days is​ always a​ choice between the​ designer-made outfit or​ those cheap but quality items that you could pull together and express your personality in​ many different ways.
Most experts contend that clothes can definitely make or​ break a​ person .​
They say that your personality is​ usually reflected on​ how you dress up .​
But it​ does not necessarily mean that good fashion would absolutely mean expensive clothes.
Hence,​ you can still make a​ remarkable fashion statement without having to​ spend hundreds or​ even thousands of​ dollars just for your clothes.
Here is​ a​ list of​ some money-saving tips when buying clothes that would turn other people’s heads to​ you but would not definitely break your wallet.
1 .​
Do the​ math
Choosing fashionable clothes can be really tricky,​ not unless you know how to​ do the​ math! So before you buy three sets of​ clothes that would cost you hundreds of​ dollars,​ try to​ go for the​ budget-friendly dozen of​ items that you can even match alternatively.
The number of​ expensive items that your money can buy is​ definitely doubled or​ even tripled when you buy cheaper ones but can still make a​ good fashion statement.
2 .​
Know what you want
Saving money is​ definitely based on​ knowing what you want whenever you spend your money on​ something .​
If you know what you want,​ this means that you have researched the​ item,​ have compared them with the​ other items,​ you will be able to​ come up with the​ lowest price of​ the​ product .​
3 .​
Drive your way to​ a​ thrift store
Usually,​ these thrift stores are non-profit organizations .​
This means that they are usually operating for charity .​
They give their proceeds to​ some charitable institutions .​
Hence,​ the​ prices of​ the​ clothes being sold in​ the​ thrift store are absolutely cheaper than the​ ones being sold in​ the​ department store .​
So that would mean many savings for you.
Best of​ all,​ you do not only get to​ save more money,​ you get to​ do some charity work as​ well.
The bottom line here is​ that when shopping for clothes,​ do not shop for the​ brand name,​ shop for the​ quality.
Nowadays,​ you just have to​ be practical .​
Better spend your money on​ more important things than those designer clothes.

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