Sm Practicality And Saving Money

Sm Practicality And Saving Money

Ten Practical Tips That Save Money
Saving money is​ not as​ hard as​ it​ seems .​
Here are ten practical tips that you can do to​ begin saving money,​ without changing your lifestyle .​

1 .​
Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs .​
CFL bulbs consume 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs,​ but give the​ same illumination .​
Make sure to​ buy only lamps and bulbs that have the​ Energy Star rating to​ ensure quality compliance .​

2 .​
Make a​ list when going to​ the​ grocery and stick to​ it! Anything that is​ not on​ the​ list is​ not a​ need,​ but merely a​ want so avoid busting your pockets for unnecessary items .​
Buy non-perishable consumables in​ bulk to​ benefit from bulk discounts .​

3 .​
Use coupons when available .​
Take the​ time and have the​ patience to​ clip and organize grocery coupons .​
When added together,​ savings from using all coupons in​ one grocery trip can be as​ much as​ $20-$30 .​
Purchase dining and shopping coupons online and print them at​ home .​
Doing so can save you at​ least 50% on​ the​ face value of​ the​ coupons .​

4 .​
Buy online,​ whenever possible .​
Online stores pass their savings from rental costs and warehousing to​ the​ online consumer,​ thus they can afford as​ much as​ 70% off their rack price .​
When buying items online,​ Google it​ first together with the​ word,​ discount code .​
This can give you further reductions on​ the​ item you want to​ purchase .​
Try also online bidding: they offer at​ least 75% off the​ original purchase price,​ for practically new (slightly used!) items .​

5 .​
Take lunch to​ work .​
Buy potato chips and soda from the​ grocery and make a​ homemade sandwich and pack them in​ a​ brown bag .​

6 .​
Eat homemade dinners as​ often as​ possible .​
Plan menus that are practical and easy-to-cook to​ encourage eating at​ home .​
Save money by dining out only on​ special occasions .​

7 .​
Use everyday pantry items for skin and body care .​
Cucumbers,​ honey,​ milk,​ lemon,​ salt and baking soda are some items in​ your home that can also be used to​ take care of​ your skin .​

8 .​
Avoid shopping to​ de-stress .​
Try walking around the​ park or​ watching a​ movie instead .​

9 .​
Bring your own sodas and snacks when watching a​ movie .​
The cost of​ sodas and snacks are at​ least 25% higher in​ movie houses .​
Plus,​ homemade popcorn tastes much better: you can put on​ all the​ salt and butter you want!
10 .​
Pay off your credit card balances each month and avoid finance charges .​
Better yet,​ use cash as​ much as​ possible,​ unless using plastic will give you a​ better deal (0% interest on​ appliance purchases,​ or​ cash rebates).

Sm Practicality And Saving Money

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